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So I have the director's cut and I see the raptor and marauder suits in the select screen. Only problem is they're locked up tight. Anyone have any idea how to unlock them? I did some of my own research but all I got were people commenting that the suits unlock somewhat randomly and then just griping about the fact.

EDIT: I have beaten mission 3 multiple times to try and unlock the darn things. I'm fairly certain that's not going to work for me unless my scores mean anything. (Easy, earned Silver. Normal, earned Bronze. Have not shot down all torpedoes and unlocked the upgrade)
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I'm not sure. I only noticed the Raptor being unlocked after I finished mission 10, but I'm not certain if that is the case for both of them. I'm on a Mac so I can't get the marauder (no director's cut), but from what I can find you should have it after completing mission 3. Sometimes you aren't allowed to use any ship until passing the mission the first time. Try clearing the 4th mission and see if you can then use either suit on mission 4.