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When I do a fresh install of the game and start it I can play the missions one by one without any problem. However when I quit the game and start it again later I cannot start any missions. The game just hangs in a state where I see the mission briefing background, the buttons and a "saving" icon on the top.

The same happens when restarting the game then trying to delete saved data, the screen freezes and the "saving" icon appears.

When I deinstall and reinstall the game it works fine again when you start the game the first time, but any subsequent restart of the game shows the same problem.

I tried to google for this problem, without any luck so far. Anyone else seeing this problem?
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It's sort of weird, and it seems you have to reboot your computer for it to start loading levels again. Not sure what they're using that persists across game sessions but not boots.
Thanks for the reply GMMan. I tried restarting windows and sadly this didn't help.

However I looked around some more on google and found someone having a similar issue (crash instead of freeze). This guy could run the game again by deleting the background .sav file.

Simply deleting background .sav didn't help in my case, but deleting Main .sav as well as background .sav reset the state and I could start a new mission again. I also set the "Run as Admin" flag on SSZ .exe and now it seems to load missions correctly.

(Excuse the weird filename spelling, gog seems to interpret those as links...)