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Happyloaf: Does GOG have the disk version or only the CD version?!
CD only. Which is the superior version bar certain issues discussed here...

Harr-Nuta: Try these changes in campaign, make saves and play the missions again alternating between patches, focus on dogfight heavy mission and play it some times with each patch to get a feel if its better and worth uploading, I can only decide for myself that it feels like a better "game" this way.
Since the file on PCGamingWiki is from July 27, 2017, I guess these changes were never uploaded?
Post edited September 27, 2022 by SOURCE_OF_TRUTH
I made an xdelta patch for post #36 (Harr-Nuta's latest hex edit recommendation) but I can't share links here.
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Alright, but where to share it instead? PCGamingWiki? PM?