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There's a lot of negativity on this forum regarding the game - some justified and some not. As a counter, I would like to hear some positive things.

Personally, I love the game. I had a lukewarm reaction at first, but now I think it's great. It's really grown on me. The animations, backgrounds, designs are all top notch. How can anyone say it looks like a flash game!? It looks fantastic.

The music is really good. It is hard to beat SOR2, but they did a very good job imo. Loving the sound effects too.

Floyd is amazingly fun to play with, and I like the other designs too. I wish Axel moved a little faster, but he's so damn cool sauntering forward with intent to so damage. Adam and Blaze awesome too. I liked Cherry's design at first, but my wife pointed out how she looked like Ronald McDonald and now I can't unsee it :/ Not a fan of her gameplay personally, but I usually don't like the fast weak archetype. I also think the enemy designs are awesome.

I also like all the modes they have - Story, Arcade, Boss Rush Vs fighting. Really adds to the longevity.

I'm enjoying the gameplay too. The combo system is fun. I'm not a fan of trying to chain combos perfectly. That's too frustrating, but I'm sure many people enjoy that aspect. Just playing along, surviving and getting a long combo by just playing is good enough for me.

How about you? What are you enjoying about the game?
I like the game and do not regret my purchase. While the OST can't beat SOR2, it's safe to say it's an improvement over SOR3's OST. I bought the game mostly out of nostalgia. I love the animation, the character roster, the new moves and new enemies. I always get a slasher smile whenever beating the tar out of a mook who just knocked me down. Being able to play 4 co-op was also a big win for me.
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It's just hard because everyone holds it up to SoR2 which is in a league of its own!

I've played it through a few times and the music has grown on me - It lacks a strong presence which is why it doesn't stand out so much and doesn't stick in the mind as much as SoR2's but it's still really good and fits the game well.

I do like the graphics a lot - I was a bit skeptical when they showed the art direction in the beginning but they've done a really good job of it and it works.

I know my first impressions post sounded a bit critical but in fact, I like almost everything about the game - The levels are colourful and varied, the enemy variety is broad, the player characters all have their different styles despite having the same controls which is a tricky thing to accomplish, and they did a very good job there, and I love the little call backs, easter eggs and other surprises in the game.
They keep everything varied enough that it doesn't start to get samey or repetitive which is an increasingly rare skill among devs.

TBH the only thing I dislike about the game is the relative difficulty which I already posted about - The game plays more like Shank than an SoR game, which I still have trouble getting my head around as I instinctively try to play it SoR2-style and that is a recipe for a quick death! Right now two really obnoxious things that I want them to change is the boss' (And general) over-abundance of i-frames and that one part with the room full of galsias where they get halbards - Those were quite rage inducing, but aside from that I've enjoyed the game enough that I want to play 4 player couch co-op badly because I know it will be an absolute blast!
4 player mode.
3 way battles that ensue with police and other enermies.
More variation of attacks.
Combo system adding something different.
The Music.
The Art style.
The map of the city adds a nice touch.
HInts of features related to previous SOR games. eg. Roo from SOR3, ghost fair taking place in SOR2 stage 3 location.
Going into the arcade machine to beat bosses.
Cutscenes, even though not all of them were good.
All playable characters from the previous SOR games and the older (younger) versions of the other characters.
The controller support on PC is really good.
Changing the controller setting to your liking.
Also knowing there will be DLC.
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Oh yeah I forgot to mention the 3-way battles!

I loved that the police and criminals are separate 'factions' and will fight each other as well as you.

When I first saw it happen I thought it was a scripted event but when I realised it was part of the game mechanics I felt a slight sense of joy as I love little details like this.

I think that's one of the best things about the game - You can tell the devs put a lot of heart into this as the attention to detail is so strong, and stands out a lot compared to a lot of games on the market.
All it's missing is the game's OST.
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The music, the characters' variety, Mr. Y, the replayability, the stages being the right length is also great.. what someone else mentioned, Stage 2's 3-way fighting is great, cops and criminals being enemies is great.

Overall, I think the music brings me back to the game, it's a great beatemup game, despite the issues. My one hope is if it sees more polish where it needs it.
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I love the animations, some of the music (not all songs are as good as SOR remake, but generally the are), and I feel this is my "to-go" game, I almost every day play a couple of levels, you don't have to think, just punch!!