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DotEmu has a pretty solid track record for hooking up Linux users with ports of old school games. Their catalog of Neo Geo ports are pretty dang good. I'm wondering if SOR4 will get a Linux installer in the near future.

I have Linux Mint and Windows 10 dual booted on my desktop PC. So I've been enjoying SOR4 ( release) quite a bit.
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I bough the game and had to play with a borrowed Windows computer. A linux support would be nice to keep enjoying the game.
Steam version runs flawlessly with Proton. I don't have a GOG copy (yet) but it can be assumed that it will work the same.

UPDATE: v04g-r10487 flawless on Proton-5.8-GE-2-MF. The only exception is controller support (as bare Proton has longstanding problems with it), so I had to tunnel the game through linux-Steam overlay with explicit controller mode override.
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Seconded. A linux version would be awesome!
+1 to linux support

Streets of Rage 4 will be here soon too I suppose
Great news! Downloading now.
Thank you devs!!!
Also, thanks for the Mac version, devs!!!
For your information:

On Linux (Ubuntu 20.04), with:
* GOG Galaxy installed through Lutris -
* Streets of Rage 4 native Linux version installed.

The time spent ingame and (obviously) the Galaxy overlay do not work.

The achievements are correctly registered.
The multiplayer should most probably work, because you can create a public or private room and wait for someone to connect, and your GOG ID is displayed. Hope I can confirm that in the coming days.
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d4life: +1 to linux support
Belatedly agreed. I've played Streets of Rage 4 on Linux natively on Mint 17.3 and Gurada with Cinnamon desktop. Gives muh ol' Logitech F310 and wired XB1 controllers a workout.