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Impression and Comparison about SoR4 (with FiVa)

We are playing "Streets of Rage 4" in GOG version v08g.18208 (63279)
of base game and Mr. X Nightmare DLC on GNU/Linux in locCoop and both also in SiPl mode
using Logitech Gamepad F310 and 4k screens (28" and 31.5", respectively).
It is the most polished and balanced Combat/Fighting/Beat'em'Up game with a lot of
positive features.

Nevertheless we want to stress the rough edges after our taste - so this could be improved
in future (maybe even via DLC - incl. new character[s]/place[s]).

Normally I contact the devs directly - but on the discord server they give the two statements:
"All PC players shall send their technical issue reports on Steam Forums.
  All console players shall send their technical issue reports here:"
"Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games individuals shall not be tagged carelessly,
  unless immediate action shall be taken (in case of emergency).
  If you need assistance please reach out @Social Media Squad and/or @Street Mod team."
Maybe I miss what the want to say - for me this is just annoying.
On the discord server there seems to be no thread about bugs ... no discussion about problems ...
or suggested improvements ... only some minimal info about characters and such ... announcements ...
known issues ... - really strange.

But after creating this forum thread I will contact devs via to inform them about
this feedback.

As said the game is really good, but there are 3 shortcomings which are a little strange to our eyes and
we could not give a rating of 5 stars with these shortcomings which follow:

1) Disturbance of the flow / interruptions:
There are special sequences for boss enemies or even real cut scenes at the beginning of a match,
where all avatars freeze and only NPCs can act and even do attack - this is in contrary to anything
inspired by martial arts, extremely annoying and destoys the game flow.
We litterally scream!
This may be nice for some gamers, but I ask for an option to switch them off (or on to show this
for the 1st time), so that all can be happy.

2) Problems with 2 players in a distance causing hitting enemies in the off:
This game is for up to 4 players - I especially like that - as this is not quite common.
But when playing locCoop 2 players, there is a big problem when both go to different corners
of a battlefield (survival or boss fight in story mode): the enemy is not visible but can hit.
Even in the good old days there where zooming out or the entire level was shown with less details
(which should be ok at 4k resolution, I think - and more so when 8k+ will finally emerge) - so
one can still fight.
Could a zoom out be implemented? Or a switch between the default scrolling and showing
the entire level especially in survival mode and other appropriate places (it is less a probem
in story mode where this would not be possible as we are driven to advance further).
Related to this: when 8k is finally available and officially the next standard after FHD (1920x1080)
and 4k - and before resolutions 16k will get standard, may 8k and possibly 16k get supported by SoR4?
Or by (a maybe planned) future sequel?
This would be great for 4 player locCoop sessions !!!

3) A matter of taste - but nonetheless annoying: aging pixel graphics:
By some players these will be very welcome, especially for those who played the original games.
But I really dislike the pixelized and bad colored old style levels and avatars.
Could there be an option to play everything in the modern stylized graphics which is really great?
Especially as even SoR4 characters are shown in bad pixel styles in retro levels, the opposite
should be no problem (i.e. using the perfect fresh graphics for the old character with limitation and
advantages as they are now; and create the retro level in the brand new graphics style).
Maybe I have played too long the original games of that time with CGA, EGA, and MCGA modes
and react annoyed to even see CRT effects and such a pixel mess (maybe some strange white pixels
should hint to fog or such ? - and even stuff is no longer clearly seen) - which does not fit
to the rest of the game.

We also played Final Vendetta:
While not being as extensible in respect of characters or game modes, this game has beautiful
pixel graphics. I prefer the stylized graphics of normal SoR4, but with point 3 it is really nice
to not be thrown to pixel mess (i.e. this extremely ancient style ... unsuitable for 4k screens)!
Additionally, playing the story is just pleasant - no hitting from the off, no strange cut screnes
making one freeze and get hit while being defenseless. It is just easily exessible.
I played this for a week - just to get this feeling - and to be sure that these points are really
a problem for us - and should be improved.

Would be nice if the Devs could reveal a little about their plans especially about the three points
depicted above or some futute plans.
If I would get some info, I will share it here, of cause.

For other gamers:
Please feel free to make comments about these points:
  o Are these points valid for your gaming, too?
  o Do you see those differently?
  o Would you prefer choices in those three cases even if you are happy with the experience?
Post edited August 04, 2023 by JMB9
Honestly, I'm good with the game as is. It is one through a number of changes and I think it is time to let the game rest. It's a tremendous beat 'em up and the DLC was one of the best DLC's ever presented imo (especially value-wise.) I'm a big fan pf the new Mania +too.

Big thank you to everyone involved for bringing this to life and for its continued support.