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Haven't done this in a long time. A Bit boring vs the AI though I do it every christmas once a year for a day or two.
I'm pretty good at the game atm, I can beat any side on any difficulty, the only thing that I've been trying to do and kinda failed at is invading the US before the USSR but I think I did it once in the past.

One of the reasons I play it just once a year like this is to forget a bit and then the positions don't become so stale.
I think playing vs a human would make it a lot more complex.

My suggestion if we play is that the first 2 subs that Germany starts with in the Atlantic can be placed anywhere West of France because of the easy of locating them using the undo button now in their known position.

Anything else would be vanilla.

Hit me up here since I'll probably check this more than my gaming email. PM me if its possible, otherwise just reply here, dunno much about these forums. Im 100% available up to like 5th of Jan but after that I probably can find time during weekends too.

Thanks :)