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So for full disclosure I haven't actually really played the game yet. I was kind of stopped cold when I started up a game that was supposed to coincide with Operation Barbarossa, and to my chagrin I noticed there was no Finland. Barbarossa... without Finland. I'm utterly gobsmacked, considering that it was exactly during Operation Barbarossa that the Finns began the Continuation War and provided incredibly important two front pressure on Soviet military operations. Indeed, several divisions of German units operated out of Finland alongside Finnish forces, but you wouldn't know it from the complete omission in this dreadful oversimplification.

I know this is meant to be a more "casual" wargame, but this strains credulity beyond breaking for me.
Finland are in the game.

I would suggest playing the '41 scenario with minor countries set to 'historical' or 'random' and Finland will soon join the war