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Not seeing it listed. Never really liked watching the old Woo movies dubbed in English, so even the trailer to this feels very weird.
There are no Chinese versions of this game. I distinctly remember reading a comment left by someone claiming to be from the Stranglehold dev team on a youtube video somewhere. He said that they had this idea to make an optional Cantonese language track with English subtitles for added authenticity and that this idea was shot down by Woo's company of all people. A real shame, this would have been a great feature!

edit: Here it is, it was left on the comment section of a Gmanlives review:
Glad you enjoyed it. I was one of many people who worked on it and it's gratifying to see people still playing it. A note about the use of English voices, it was proposed to use an all Cantonese script with subtitles but John Woo's production company (Tiger Hill) insisted on an English speaking cast (even to the point of having Chow speak English phonetically).
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