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Changelog for Update 1.1.0 (added 28 January 2022)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (28 January 2022)

Update: Ultrawide Monitors Fix, Plant Color Tweaks, And More!

Hey everyone!

It's our first official update! We've got some small but important fixes and tweaks in this one, such as a fix for ultrawide monitors, and some plant color tweaks.


- Fixed an issue where it was possible to miss out on rewards if you changed language while on a map event.
- Fixed an issue with the hint for the Arnside Antiquities card not showing up.
- Fixed an issue where the ‘Create Elixir’ button showed up over the map event buttons.
- Fixed an issue with zoomed in camera scrolling – it now scrolls better when on the zoomed in map for example.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to get stuck if you visited the ritual site in the post-game section.
- Fixed a minor display issue where the button for successful identification of a plant said ‘Collect’ when there were no rewards instead of just ‘OK’.
- Fixed an issue where inputs weren’t working properly when you had a controller plugged in.
- Attempted a fix for an issue where rewards aren’t collectable for some reason - this is a tricky one though and we still aren’t certain what is causing it.
- Fixed a few issues with translated text resulting in inaccurate clues.
- Fixed a minor issue where it appeared that Lesser Merrydock or Lisle of Neptune could be received twice.
- Fixed issue where it was impossible to complete the game over puzzles on an ultra wide monitor.

Gameplay adjustments

- Tweaked the sizes of the Use Plant and Leave buttons to help mitigate misclicks.
- Tweaked description and colour of Solomon’s Sceptre plant to help with identification.
- Adjusted the colour of Haverage to make sure it is more blue.

There are some more gameplay adjustments below, but they may include story spoilers, or spoilers for items received a little later into the game.

Gameplay adjustments - POSSIBLE SPOILERS

- Improved visibility of the mushroom guide in the lab.
- Slight adjustment to Norwood plant to make it a bit more noticeable under the magic viewer.
- Added an extra leaf to the Mountain Astory plant to avoid it being confused as a five-pointed leaf when brewing St Quentin’s Elixir.
- Changed the ‘First letter of Truthsayer’ clue card to use the Latin name instead so that it will work in different languages. Also changed the plant to Goldenlight to improve the clue.
- Fixed the alignment on the ritual text in the circular box.
- Added a tick to the magic viewer note once the viewer has been activated.

That's it for today's patch! Let us know if you've found another pesky bug on Discord.

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