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Guys I LOVE This game, stupid AI and all (really does remind me of quake) save for the fact maybe not ALL enemies should bee-line for us..

I'm having a weird issue...I can only average 16FPS on lowest settings AND with "Make strafe ugly" now, I'm quite patient to see if it's a software bug as I can max out DOOM 2k16 on ultra at 45fps.

I have:

Intel i7 7700 3.4GHZ
nVidia GeForce1050 4GB

Not sure why the game is barely playable, Fullscreen, Windowed, doesn't matter VSYNC is off

Don't get me wrong I LOVE playing strafe at 1280X720 with "make strafe ugly" on...really takes me back to the old IBM PC gaming days, but I would like to have a framerate
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My CPU heats up to 89C and gpu hovers around 89-92 that normal?