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I remember there being a linux version listed in the store until they put up the price, does anyone know how long the linux version is delayed for?
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They will eventually do it after launch.
It says so on their little FAQ over at Steam.
Even as a Linux (Mint 17.3) user, I'm not even sure if I'd buy Strafe when it comes to Linux.

From what I've seen, Strafe is milking the "retro" gaming cliche's and "randomly generated" cliche's I've grown very tired of. 1990s FPSes didn't require randomly generated levels. We still play Doom and Quake 20 years later because their levels were just very well designed to begin with. I'm also growing weary of "retro" games that require dual core CPUs and 1GB graphics. If these games look like they're ripped from the 1990s, then why do they require post 2012 hardware? Strafe, like alotta indie games of late, looks like another bull___ cash grab.

At least you can play the game with Wine if you apply this patch:
(The GOG forum doesn’t allow me to post links yet). This fixes the upside-down viewport and invisible videos. Tested with Wine Staging 2.7.

Performance is about as bad as on Windows. You probably have to set WINEDEBUG=-all as well, or it will occasionally write several gigabytes of d3d11 warnings to stderr…
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