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So I just got Strafe, played a bit and something caught my eye: on objects like crates, ammo boxes and other stuff that is not part of the level geometry textures are constantly disappearing, revealing only a flat-shaded surface. It depends on which angle im looking at it, but its really annoying since due to the high game speed some things a flicker really hard.

What it should look like: [url= 2017-05-09 19-01-12-939.jpg] 2017-05-09 19-01-12-939.jpg[/url]
What it does look like: [url= 2017-05-09 19-01-14-393.jpg] 2017-05-09 19-01-14-393.jpg[/url]

I run Windows 10x64 with a Geforce GTX960 with latest drivers (382.05).
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