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Changelog for patch 3 / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 16 May 2017):

- Added feedback to Exit Terminals in Zone 4 (Athena)
- Added display to better illustrate the power needed to open security door in 3-2
- Added additional art to the end game level
- Updated many more weapon SFX
- Removed Glitch-Merchant from the MURDERZONE
- Bench costs in the MURDERZONE now properly reflect the intended prices
- Adjusted colliders that could allow players to fall onto the train tracks when exiting the train
- Fixed specific geometry in Zone 1 (ICARUS) that could cause players to become stuck
- Fixed occluder issues in Zone 1 (ICARUS) that could cause the player to see the skybox in certain places
- Fixed specific instances where the player could soft lock when robbing merchants
- Fixed issue that could cause the menu and splash screen to stretch on various resolutions
- Fixed issue with the teleporter pieces that made them harder to find
- Fixed issue with the teleporter batteries sometimes spawning in the wrong zone
- Fixed specific case where the upgrade machine could give you the same upgrade in a row
- Fixed Lil Joby's gibs to render correctly
- Fixed visual issue with the "Wizard"
- Fixed various rendering issues with jump map UI
- Fixed case where the player could be killed when entering the Jump map
- Fixed visual issue when the player has an extreme amount of items
- Fixed issue that could cause the mouse to show in the center of the screen
- Fixed issue with the loaded ammo value showing improperly when the player has no weapon
- Fixed issues with navigating the controls options menu
- Fixed issue that could cause the crosshair to render improperly
- Fixed mistranslation in the MURDERZONE in some languages
- Fixed issue with the jump map timer if the player took longer than an hour
- Fixed issue where the MURDERZONE stats would not save properly when exiting the MURDERZONE
- Fixed issue where blood would continue to be added after it was full
- Added animation to display when the game is loading
- Added look sensitivity Y option
- Added "Are you sure" Pop up when ending a run
- Fixed many issues that could cause level geometry to improperly generate stopping player progress
- Tweaks to fire-rate perks
- Fixed issue that could make scrap unobtainable
- Fixed issues with the Zone 3 (Burbs) train from stopping game progress
- Fixed issue that could soft lock progress when playing the rats map
- Fixed issue causing barrel inventory problems
- Main gun sounds are now in (( stereo ))
- Fixed a few issues with secret weapons
- Fixed multiple issues with the Jump map weapons
- Fixed issue with the Jump map boundaries
- Upped the dankness
- Fixed collider issue in the Zone 3 (Burbs) Merchant
- Fixed issue with Zone 4 (Complex) merchant Item descriptions
- Changed how gun sounds are spread and spatialized
- Fixed a typo with a Kickstarter Backer name
- Fixed issue not resetting player upgrades in the Murder Zone
- Fixed issue in the Murder Zone that could stop player progress
- Increased the height that triggers fall damage
- Halved the fall damage
- Increased health in first zone (ICARUS)
- Increased range of FOV (60-120)
- Fixed issue disallowing certain systems from using all available resolutions
- Weapon sounds are louder
- Fixed bug with weapon inventory
- Fixed problems with level geometry that could cause players to get stuck
- Fixed bug causing a secret gun to not fire
- Fixed bug causing secret gun to rarely not appear
- Raised and lowered the extremes on mouse sensitivity
- Fixed issues that could cause all enemies to freeze
- Removed self damage from three of the player’s primary fire (Flak,Rebound,LMG)
- Fixed volume of music in zone 3 (THE BURBS)
- Adjusted audio mixer to a better balance
- Adjusted some audio to have better spatialization
- Fixed bug that stopped some enemies from making their sound effects as intended
- Glowbrite pursue sounds
- Turret footsteps have better proximity
- Carrier footsteps sounds
- Adjustment to Glutton proximity alert
- Fixed bug that stopped item descriptions from showing in the merchant
- Fixed bug that stopped the player from navigating the inventory with the mouse
- Improved reliability for some minor secret activations
- Fixed in game achievement tracking from showing the correct achievement
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Patch 4 (25 May 2017)

• Many performance Optimizations
• Fixed issue that rarely allowed enemies to fire through locked doors
• Fixed issue that could cause unneeded rendering in all Zones
• Fixed a few bugs that could lead to game crashes
• Adjustment to level unloading to increase performance in subsequent levels
• Fixed major issue allowing room intersection in Zone 3 (Burbs)
• Removed accidental heavy pistol knock back on the BRICK enemy
• Adjusted how bullets exert force on enemies
• Fixed issue that could cause the exit room in Zone 3 (Burbs) to become invisible when backtracking
• Fixed issue stopping the Zone 3 (Burbs) teleporter from working when unlocked in sequence
• Updated textures for Zone 3 (Burbs) enemies to increase visibility
• Fixed issue where quick restarting would not give you the desired ammo in Zone 1 (Icarus) Welcome Room
• Fixed issue that could cause the end stats screen from displaying correctly when dying at the boss stage
• The Trappy drone now correctly finishes its teleporting sequence
• Fixed Issue that could stop the railgun from receiving the correct stat upgrades
• Fixed issue that stopped damage sparks from displaying correctly
• MURDERZONE: Fixed issue causing enemies to get trapped in closets
• MURDERZONE: Fixed issue causing enemies to become frozen in closets
• MURDERZONE: Fixed some door blockers not properly blocking spawned enemies from running into connection doors
• MURDERZONE: Hub rounds now properly start when you enter the hub again instead of having to go to the perk stage
• MURDERZONE: Added fail-safes to prevent branch doors from closing on players
• MURDERZONE: Fixed strange light halo in distance of Canyon MURDERZONE hubs
• MURDERZONE: Fixed blood mapping issues and massive framerate issues in Z4H1
• MURDERZONE: Fixed issues with navigating the MURDERZONE menu with a gamepad
• MURDERZONE: You no longer see space in the Burbs tile or Athena door connections
• MURDERZONE: Player should no longer fall when loading a subsequent run in the menu
• MURDERZONE: Music should no longer glitch out in subsequent runs
• MURDERZONE: Improved the way the primary guns float in their containers in the hub
• MURDERZONE: Enemies in branches are now frozen until the player opens the door that makes them visible.
• MURDERZONE: Made adjustments to the monster closets to make them hopefully more reliable.
• MURDERZONE: A marker now appears above the MURDERZONE stage after round 10 telling the player to go there.
• MURDERZONE: Stage now glows at the start and fades out after a few seconds.
• MURDERZONE: Acid pools should now be marked as Acid for death screens.
• MURDERZONE: Having "No Reload" unlocked no longer restricts you from manually reloading.
• MURDERZONE: Guns should no longer be pickup-able once the tubes go down.
• Jump Map: The progress bar now properly resets when the player restarts.
• Jump Map: Decals left by the plasma gun are now destroyed when restarting or returning to a checkpoint.
• Jump Map: You no longer shoot when clicking options in the pause menu.
• Jump Map: Guns/Items are now properly taken away when you restart the map.
• Jump Map: The attempts number now properly starts at zero.
• Jump Map: The attempt counter no longer increases by one after restarting the map.
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Patch 5 (02nd June 2017)

• Major optimization to loading and unloading creating much smoother loads
• Added Footstep audio to the GLUTTON
• Adjusted Enemy Balance in Zone 1 (Icarus)
• Fixed the volume on for some enemies in Zone 3 (Burbs) and Zone 4 (Athena)
• Fixed issue that would grant the player bonus over-heal progress
• Fixed several bugs resulting in generation errors
• Fixed several bugs resulting in unintended collision blocking progression
• Fixed bug that could allow ragdolls to stretch or float
• Updated more weapon sound effects
• Optimized Harvester deaths
• Fixed an issue that would allow the player to switch guns while zooming and out of the map
• Fixed an issue that could cause the items menu from correctly selecting items
• Fixed bug that resulted in doors closing too early when the player had specific items
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Changelog for patch 5 (added 02 June 2017):
(addition to changelog above)

- Hey Killers,
- We're going to shift our focus on more meaningful additions. We will still be working on fixes and optimizations but we are experimenting with a "Training mode" that would help new players having a hard time with STRAFE®'s difficulty learn how to play as intended, with a lot of movement and strafing.
- Additionally we would like to start work on the save feature but have no idea how long it will take to crack that nut so it will come when it's ready. If it works this would allow you the freedom of exiting the game and returning to your run until you die.


Changelog for patch 6 (added 03 October 2017):

- Added Easy Difficulty
- 30% less enemies
- 30% less incoming Damage
- 20% slower projectiles
- Added Optional Slow-Mo training tool (MURDER TIME) to easy difficulty
- Fixed issue causing some weapons to not fire as intended when playing with the railgun
- Improved stability
- Fixed rare issue that could cause the train to eject the player
- Updated the directional damage indicators to be more useful
- Added safety colliders to Luftenstein secret to fix rare issues
- Modified menu art to read more clearly
- Added keybind menu option for the Thruster item
- Misc Crash fixes
- Misc performance improvements


Changelog for Millennium Edition Update (added 03 October 2017):

- Please note that the StrafeZone and SpeedZones are currently not available in the GOG version of the game. We are investigating the possiblity of having those features added to the GOG version as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Big Additions:

- Added ability to save runs
- Crashed runs can be recovered
- Big new secret
- Added 20 new unlockable game modifiers
- Big Head Mode
- Rocket Arena
- Hardcore Mode
- Hyperdrive
- Enemy Blood Blasters
- Scrambled Cache
- Lil Chumps
- Instagib
- Traditional mode
- Blood Lust
- Threes Company
- Near Sighted
- Scrambled Baddies
- Moon Walkin’
- Get rich or die tryin’
- Call me Lil Joby
- Game of Guns
- QB
- Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

STRAFE® Abridged

- Added 11 new room modules to ICARUS
- Added 3 new enemies (with unique a.i.)
- Added the traveling Merchant
- Added low performance mode

Balance & fixes:

- Soldier and Host now have two enemy variants
- Removed some rooms from ICARUS that were considered unfair
- Revamped enemy aggro
- Can no longer acquire multiple primaries by spending clip
- Fixed bug related to weapons switching when out of ammo in primary weapon
- Fixed issue causing inconsistent turning speed on glowbrites
- Fixed issue stopping Carriers from leaping at the player multiple times as intended
- Fixed issue that was causing more path calculations than needed
- Improved performance of enemies that fire multiple shots at once
- Lowered the time it took the Leper to transform into bomber mode
- Fixed issue causing some enemies to dry- fire when startled
- Made the different glutton skins more different from one another
- Pale glutton is faster and lower health
- Soldier glutton is slightly slower
- Fixed issue causing the host to aim unreliably
- Improved side to side aiming of Host
- Fixed black flash when quick restarting
- Fixed issue that would cause favorite weapon to always show as machinegun
- Fixed issue that would incorrectly show playtime in the post game stats
- Fixed issue that could cause save files to corrupt
- Reduced initial spread on machinegun and rebalanced rate of fire perks for machiengun
- Fixed bug resulting in enemies showing less blood impacts than intended
- Fixed bug causing frame drops when using the empty machinegun
- Fixed bug causing the nailguns bullet to become frozen in some instances
- Rebalanced HMG - Lowered warm up time, slightly lowered reload time, increased max fire rate
- Fixed global stat to correctly show total player deaths
- Fixed bug stopping the “Completionist” achievement from popping
- Reworked Richoshot - Pierces enemies and slightly increased initial damage.
- Increased damage per tick on the shotgun gas
- Lowered damage on initial spin fusor upgrade
- Lowered max damage on nail gun explosions
- Fixed bug causing Airbud to be less powerful than intended
- Trappy robot appears longer before teleporting
- Made the blood bags easier to see on their way to secret doors
- Improved issue allowing turrets to get stuck inside one another
- Lowered ammo use per tick on the lightning secondary for the railgun
- Fixed issue causing an older version of the turret to be present rarely
- (possibly) Fixed issue softlocking burbs merchant
- Fixed specific issue causing levels to fail while generating causing an infinite load
- Added another fix for a case where train tracks could intersect level geometry
- Able to speed up end credits
- Fixed bug allowing the player to jump while credits rolled
- Fixed bug causing the black hole launcher to make zombie corpses
- Fixed bug allowing players to Kill the merchants defense turrets without triggering a robbery
- Fixed bug allowing fire to spawn too close to keycards
- More to come before this is officially live!
- Fixed additional bugs allowing levels to fail to load
- Fixed issue that would cause the death screen to show incorrect killed by text
- Airbud no longer has a thirst for Lil Joby’s blood
- Fixed bug sometimes stopping the Going home secret from awarding its prize
- Fixed bug sometimes stopping the Trappy Mine secret from awarding its prize
- Fixed bug sometimes stopping the Rats Map Secret from awarding its prize
- Fixed bug allowing food dispensers to “Stretch” in the Burbs
- Fixed bug allowing lights to sometimes “float” in the Burbs
- Fixed bug allowing enemies to sometimes spawn on the train tracks in the burbs
- Fixed bug stopping the Brightness slider from properly updating on menu exit
- Added particle effect to help illustrate remaining scrap chests value
- Fixed misalignment on three crosshairs of the alternate machinegun firing modes
- Lil joby no longer gets incorrectly occluded when wandering
- Fixed some cases that were allowing multiple upgrade machines of the same type to spawn in the same run
- Lowered the weight on servers in icarus to prevent rare cases where they could be knocked over and block progress
- Increased damage on lil jobys war machine
- Rebalanced enemy numbers across the game
- And more smaller changes
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Changelog for Millennium Edition 14.10.2017 update (added 23 October 2017):


⦁ Major changes to the inventory to accommodate number keys switching between guns
⦁ Picking up multiple of the same gun now stacks the ammo beyond one clip (but limited to a fixed amount per gun)


⦁ Fixed issue that could cause saves from locking up
⦁ Fixed issue that could leave damage overlay visible throughout some secrets
⦁ Fixed issue making save terminals more difficult to activate than intended
⦁ Adjusted placement on the save and exit terminal in the burbs
⦁ Fixed issue stopping the canyon merchant from being robbable
⦁ Fixed issue making low performance mode not enable itself when launching the game when applicable
⦁ Fixed issue that was unintentionally reducing lil joby population
⦁ Fixed issue that reduced a few sound effects volume
⦁ Fixed issue making Luftenstein not work correctly in low performance mode
⦁ Fixed minor Z-fighting in burbs merchant shop
⦁ Fixed minor Z-fighting in the burbs exit room
⦁ Fixed additional areas where enemies could spawn on train tracks
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Changelog for Patch 1.1 (added 04 November 2017):
⦁ Fixed bug causing unintended strobe effect on low performance mode during scripted lighting events
⦁ Fix for saved runs corrupting when going back and forth between a saved run and murderzone
⦁ Fixed bug stopping two projectile types from being reflect-able with the wrench
⦁ Fix for error giving backpedal penalty too often when playing with a gamepad
⦁ Fix for error sometimes leading to inconsistent aim speed when playing with gamepad on pc
⦁ Adjusted Joystick input curves for the right stick
⦁ Adjusted Joystick sensitivity acceleration
⦁ Added two new control schemes for gamepad
⦁ Removed small visual glitch during Devolver intro
⦁ Added hidden feature-length STRAFE® screenplay
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Changelog for Patch 1.2 Mutator Madness (added 06 March 2018):

- Added Tips during level loads to help teach players about deeper systems*
- Added Five new Mutators:
- When I move you move
- Jetpack Adventure
- Slappers
- Locked Seed

- EZ Mode damage the player receives reduced 33%
- Glutton damage reduced 33%
- Harvester base health reduced 25%
- Harvester head shot effectiveness increased 33%
- Sluggard damage reduced 25%
- Explosion damage to the player reduced 25%
- Rearranged barrel and c4 damage caps to happen before damage reduction is applied
- Teleporters now only require 3 pieces to unlock
- Power up that allows barrels to be pulled doesn't have a cook time
- You can skip Gun Duchess animations
- Burbs rats secret reduced from 9 to 5 rats
- Thruster item re-balanced and fixed issues that made accidental activation common
- Changed Athena laser grid doors to allow more clever speed running tricks
- Space bar can be held to speed up coin filling bar at the end of runs

- Optimized a few aspects of enemies to increase performance in all zones
- Solved rare issue that could cause fps to spiral to extremely low numbers until the next level
- Reduced memory usage while playing levels (this may fix some rare crashes)
- Improved performance of Athena

- Fixed a few specific crashes sent in via the feedback email
- Gluttons can no longer get stuck in place
- Fixed issue that allowed little joby to purchase invisibility cloaks
- Fixed issue that allowed soft locks to happen when robbing the second merchant
- Fixed issue that would cause jumps to mis register when speed running
- Fixed issue where enemies could attack you while loading into the jump map
- Fixed issue where scrambled enemies Mutator could damage you on level load
- Fixed soft lock where players could pick up a keycard head while dropping one and cause one to disappear
- Fixed issue where players were able to earn mastery crowns when they were actually inactive when playing the STRAFEZONE
- Since we don't have the budget for localization and the overwhelming majority of our audience is English speaking the tips are only available in English at the moment.
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are strafezone and speedzones available for gog users with this version 1.2?
does not seam so... so wie gog users payed the same amount of money for getting less...
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Changelog for Update (added 26 April 2018):

* Added the Linux version of STRAFE: Millennium Edition.
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Gold Edition Changelog 05/09/2020

• Optimizations to enemy pathfinding.
• Made secrets more accessible.
→ Trappy Mine no longer requires a battery to play
→ Less rats need to be exterminated to access the rats map secret level
→ Gungeon 3D Blast only requires finding the cartridge to play
→ Made the vase more visible to access “Going Home”
• Fixed bug where number of rats exterminated was inaccurate.
• Updated the game's default length to 2 levels per zone instead of 3.
→ This will lower the time to beat the game and hit our desired length of 30-40 minutes for average players. Also we hope this will help more players see more of the game while learning how to play.
• Added a “New Game +” option after beating the game which will add 1 more level to each zone.
• Added the ability to loop runs. As a reward to beating NG• once all subsequent runs after completing the boss you can continue your run on a loop by jumping into your ship's core and avoiding the cockpit.
→ You will keep your weapons, items, upgrades.
→ Damage taken increases by base damage x 1.25 to the power of loops ex: loop 1 = 125% damage, loop 2 = 156%, loop 3 = 195%, loop 4 = 244%
→ Each loop increases the chance that a secret fuse box will NOT spawn during level generation, chance is 50% on first loop splitting the remaining chance in half each additional loop.
→ Benches increase in price per loop.
→ Food dispensers start disappearing from levels per loop.
→ Break the game, have fun.
• Balanced the benches so that the cost to craft items increases per zone.
• Head “key cards” are now more rare.
• Added mirrored variants of existing rooms to the level generation.
• Fixed issues where the secret weapon beetle would aggro prematurely and not be seen by the player.
• Added Hit-stuns to most enemies.
• Added ability to extinguish most fires with enemies blood.
• Added ability to fill most vats of acid/toxic with enemies blood to change its composition.
• Fundamental changes to how enemy movement is calculated resulting in much better performance.
• Fixed issue where blood mapping could cause a major performance hit in ICARUS and ATHENA.
• Miscellaneous crash fixes.
• Players should no longer fall through the floor on rare occasions.
• Added "Mercy Frames".

After triggering mercy frames you will only take the greatest amount of damage during that period. EX: (If hit by 3 gluttons for 5 damage all within the window you only take 5 damage instead of 15. If you get hit by a glutton for 5 and get hit with an explosion for 10 within the window you will take 10.
• Lowered the explosion damage radius for the player, which also gives higher skilled players some leeway to perform rocket jumps within the force radius without taking damage.
• Changes to Keycards.
ex: in Icarus if you stepped into the room with the keycard and backed up into the previous room it would start triggering "backtracking" monster closets. Now backtracking closets that are on a keycard branch require you to pick up the keycard or a keycard head.
• Picking up items can now trigger a trap by opening close by monster closets.
• Lowered the Bricks base HP.
• Increased feedback to the player when taking damage.
• Richoshot’s reflection angles improved and early explosions prevented.
• Airbud Changes:
→ Airbud will no longer deal damage if he shoots you.
→ Airbud will now instantly activate when purchased from a traveling merchant.
→ Fixed a bug where Airbud could cause damage to the player when in a fire.
• Removed the frame limit and low resolution filter from the Devolver Logo Intro.
• Fixed issue with Soldiers getting blasted vertically from rocket launcher.
• Fixed issue preventing the traveling merchant from traveling to later levels.
• There are new houses added to the burbs.
• Changes have been made to how enemies aggro at the beginning of Black Canyon levels to prevent them trying to shoot through or come through the first doorway.
• Enemy spawns have been added to the starting rooms of some canyon levels.
• Fixed level 3-1 where enemies would not spawn in the courtyard.
• Fixed invisible walls spawning in the murderzone.
• Fixed most issues where invisible acid could hurt players.
• Gluttons in the secret developer room will no longer aggro too early.
• Sneaky Turrets that pop out of crates should less frequently get stuck in world geometry. .
• Turrets now have a delay and more pronounced unfolding animation when coming from crates.
• Carriers now retarget the player better after jumping.
• Fixed small issue with barrels in ICARUS exit rooms.
• Added decorations in the players ship to celebrate beating secret levels and some other challenges.
• Fixed issue where the player couldn't collect rewards from the prize safe outside of the rats map secret.

• Visual improvements to the Black Canyon.
• Added a backup to save files. Now play sessions save a backup of last known valid save. If a save fails it will restore from backup.
• Increased the default speed of the end of level doors in ICARUS (when players don’t shoot the terminal)
• Made balance changes to the Thruster power up.
→ No longer does damage.
→ Lowered the distance traveled per thrust.
→ Activation time using double-tap is now more strict.
→ Visualized when the cool down is over.
→ Look direction now has a partial influence when thrusting forward.
• Improvements made to level cleanup which should help performance.
• Fixed issues with the “Mute audio” option not working as intended.
• Fixed issues with some sound effects not being affected by the volume slider.
• Fixed issue where the Heavy Machinegun could cause the audio to cut out.
• Fixed issues where the “Rate of fire” powerup would break audio feedback.
• Improved performance of audio clips played in quick succession.
• Rebalanced Hardcore mode.
→ Previously enemy HP in hardcore mode was 300% it is now 150%.
→ Projectile based enemies deal increased damage.
→ Projectile based enemies shoot faster bullets.
→ The price of items from benches is also increased in hardcore mode. such that each benches price reflects a zone two higher than normal mode.
• Removed VR Soon text.
• As this is our last big update we removed the continuous update text intro.
• Fixed a bug where the bench sounds would loop endlessly after use.
• Fix UI Clipping issues in the “Totinos Quest” secret.
• Increased the distance for override activation in Athena.
• Removed the wingun from daily challenge, Lol.
• Fixed the presentation of some sprites in the “Totinos Quest” secret.
• Now enemies are less willing to attack immediately when loading into Athena from a save.
• Minor changes to secrets in oneDOS and the STRAFE®: the motion picture script.
• Adjusted maximum fire rate for machine gun and shotgun 10 -> 7 shotgun shots per second is max shotgun, 33 shots per second -> 25

• Adjusted the fire rate perk curve, curves out smoother at the base instead of hitting cap abruptly.
• Fixed issue where tapping fire rate wouldn't scale with fire rate stat increases. (primarily affecting the railgun / railgun upgrades)
• Increased the value of the railgun’s base fire rate upgrades.
• Fixed scenarios where you could rob the merchant without consequence.
• Fixed inconsistencies with different weapon upgrades shooting the end boss’ turrets.
• Small changes made to optimize pathfinding.
• Cleaned up pathfinding on level transition.
• Fixed performance related bugs with AirBud.
• Highest loop count added to main menu stat screen after completing first loop. • Added loops to death stats screen when looping.
• Fixed issue where glutton would show as cause of death when beating the game in last run stats.
• Removed some seeded rng drift making glitch merchant only possible once per run instead of once per level. (Supposed to be extremely rare event anyways and shouldn't be a source of health and items to exploit)
• Updates to Stalker AI to give better combat experience.
• Fix bug in the Speedzone that could generate levels in Athena that show dev textures in some areas.
• Quality of life changes made to the boss fight.
• Fixed small visual bug with end credits sequence
• Fixed rare bug with scientists in the end area
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