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Does anyone else know how to get this game running sxmoothly?

The text that appears during the text adventure sections are painfully slow, panning is juddery and changing the frequency setting can take over a minute.

First person movement is slow, jumpy and uncontrollable, and any kind of accurate selection to get to buttons and dials is difficullt as the screen is taking an age to catch up.

I've tried window rather than full screen, and different resolutions (but with lower resolutions, the edges and top are cut off rather than it scaling.

The hardware i'm running is an AMD A10-770K Radeon R7 at 3.40Ghz with 20Gb RAM, screen resolution 1920 x 1080 with an NVidia GeForce GT 440 graphics card.

It's been more than capable of playing anything else I can throw at it, including games like World of Warcraft.

Got to the end of the last chapter and couldn't control it at all.
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I just completed the game. I started on a GeForce GT 630 GPU and had problems similar to the ones you describe. A few days ago I upgraded to a GTX 1050 and the game was perfectly smooth. I guess they 'forgot' to mention what the minimum graphics card is which is required for smooth graphics. Clearly demands are higher than I was expecting based on the game description.
I dont know, my game ran perfectly right up to chapter 4, then suddenly it runs very stuttering, with lots of spiking and visual tearing. same graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, theres something about what they did to the last installment thats squirrelly. tried windowed and reducing resolutions, downgrading the option from fantastic to beautiful caused contrast glitches.

will keep fumbling around
Really late to the party... just bought the game. The problem here is, as experience by me, framerate issues. Lower the resolution and the game goes faster. I'm actually playing at 640x480 windowed mode... Damn this intel graphics. Anyway, loving the game.