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Please dear devs and GOG, could you update the game to the last version?
I saw a post on the Steam forums from May 5th where the developers said they would look into it. I hope they do it soon, as the game seems to have a bug that prevents you from making a choice towards the end of the true path that the patch fixes. I just ran into that bug myself, and to make matters worse when I exited to the main menu and tried to continue from where I left off I was thrown into a completely different path, meaning I'll have to start the true path from the beginning. Once the game gets updated, that is.

EDIT: Fortunately, I wasn't actually put on a different path. It just played a cutscene from a different path, but then let me continue to the next level of the true path. I looked up the cutscene I missed on YouTube, and should hopefully now be able to continue properly. Still, this is a pretty serious bug, and it's a shame that the fix has been out for almost a month on Steam but still isn't available on GOG.
Post edited May 13, 2016 by Marioface5