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Hi !
I use a 2560 * 1440 monitor, and this resolution do not appear in the menu.
It seems to be hard coded.
I try the few files located in .appdata/local/Stories/Saved, but they are all empty, except one which does not contain useful data.

How can I set a custom resolution ? Everything is a little big blurry...
My monitor is 1920x1200 and I was able to workaround the lack of menu option by editing the save file with vim (although Notepad++ will work too). Notepad will corrupt the file and I'm sure Word will as well, so don't use those.

edit: I thought about adding this, then I just completely forgot! When I posted, I knew I was forgetting something. Backup your save first (I copied mine to AppData\Local\Stories).

First I set the resolution in the game to 1680x1050 (same aspect ratio and length of resolution (4 digits for width and height)). I'd recommend you set it to 1920x1080, then apply and exit the game.

Then, open the save file C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Stories\Saved\SaveGames\StoriesSaveSlot.sav in Notepad++ (or similar), search for "1920x1080" (without quotes) and change it to "2560x1440" (without quotes) and save the file.

Now when you start the game, it should be the correct resolution (it seemed so in my case).
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Yes ! But a bit of a warning for all : Even with Sublime Text (or any other capable text editor), pay attention to the encoding. I successfully corrupted my savegame... :-( About 3 hours lost, not too much... Safety first : do a backup of your unique savegame !

However, after a second launch, resolution was altered on its own... I don't know what cause it, as I didn't play with the options.
*facepalm* I knew I was forgetting some detail. Sorry.
jedi5002: *facepalm* I knew I was forgetting some detail. Sorry.
Don't be, you give me a perfect advice looking for different encoding options ! However, I find it hard to conceive a 2016 game do not let you choose more widely the options, it is a UE4 based game!

Same thing, a single save file, with our terabytes of datastorage...