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Hello there!

So far I've been succesfully maanged to survive the game, but once I encountered the first throggs at the entrance of the temple, combat changed from normal difficulty to rather hard.

Next level is swarmed with these throggs and I couldn't really survive any fight with them.

Firebolts work, but staves are quickly depleted after a single encounter.
Ranged weps doesn't work, they block everything.
Melee's not really effective even for the 3 of us, my people's HP gets to 0 quicker then I could kill two of these.

Is there any trick to kill them efficiently without having to regenerate hp after every single encounter? Am I doing something wrong and they should be easier to defend using some kind of different method or tactics?

Thanks for commenting!
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Using defensive runes like strength rune or armor rune (also used with meta) will help much with your problem.
When you engage in melee, remember to move around a lot. It's often possible to hit enemies while they're still trying to close the distance to you, so you will attack more often than they will. I usually back up several spaces while fighting, then turn 180 degrees and back up the other direction, then repeat.
Hellburn: Using defensive runes like strength rune or armor rune (also used with meta) will help much with your problem.
Even tho I'm constantly searching for the hidden button on walls (checking every single new wall I see), so far I've only found Firebolt, Heal, Silence, Language, Free fall, weaken armor and an unknown one).

Interesting to see there could be more even with how thorough I've been.
The "unknown one" is probably language rune, which makes Drake capable of reading Throgg/Dwarf/Ancient text signs.

By the time you enter the Temple of Throggi, you should be in possesion of few elixirs temporarily boosting your strength and agility. Also, the Throgg brew you found in the Entrance to the Temple may temporarily boost your strength to maximum.

I have successfully cleared the Temple of Throggi last night, but it was tough. Fireball and Flame runes work reasonably well for them, but as it can be time consuming to recharge your staves all the time.

I have found it with most of the throgs, when they engage to attack you, if you run away, they will only follow you for a few squares, maybe to the next corner. Then they will stop and wait for a while before returning to their original positions. When they stop that is when I attack them. When standing one square from them go towards them, slash/hack/hit, then immediately backup one square. You also need to get the hang of the timing. Plus, it seems to me if you try to hit them high like head level, they get it more. This "hit and run" tactic has worked reasonably well for me. If I encounter one that keeps following me, I just back up and when he moves on to my square, hit him once then back up again. Basically you stand one square away from them, and when they move in, you try to hit them, then back away immediately.


Also, after I got my hands on the Orb of Azrael, throgs basically became a non-issue, even shamans. I only killed Gorda Karn after getting the Orb of Azrael. You can enter the inner sanctum of the temple from a secret door leading from Karzak's cell. There are some pretty tough guards there, but it's worth the fight. I am not sure if this is a glitch or a bug, but if you cast the Orb of Azrael on yourself (it gives you quickness enchantment), and equip a bow (I only used the longbow this way so far), you can shoot arrows extremely fast, almost like a machine gun. You can kill the throg guards this way, they don't block it for me, just keep the fire button pressed. You can also kill the shamans and Gorda Karn very easily the same way. Again, I'm not sure if this is intended or a glitch/bug, but the bow is kind of unreasonably strong this way.
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I'm pretty sure that in the Throggi temple you can also sneak past a bunch of the guards. If you move one square at a time, rather than holding down the forward key, you will move more quietly (and also build your stealth skill). Since that's the way I usually navigate, my stealth skill was already maxed by the time I got to the Throggie temple, and there's one section with a ton of guards who are all patrolling but don't seem to notice you and your allies. So you can sneak through them without fighting. Which was pretty cool.