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Ok, I've been trying for ages to figure out how to do this - in the bottom right corner in the picture where the X is and the 2 doors that connect - I was wondering how to get in the door? I know the door doesn't open and there is a hole in the ground right there by it. I thought using the float spell over the hole would do it but, not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much to anybody who can help me. One thing - I had gotten this picture of the Temple of Throggi off of a visual walkthrough so anybody who helps will know what I'm talking about. I'm actually getting ready to go into the temple and it would be nice if I knew how ahead of time how to get in that door.
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My memory for this is that the doors are there to circumvent the pits, but they are not accessible at first. As in, you have to either fall down the pits, explore down there, and then climb back up, or you have to float over the pits. Once you get past the pits, there is a lever or switch or something that will unseal the doors so you can bypass the pits in the future.

I played this a while ago though, so if anyone spots something I'm misremembering, please post to point it out.

Oh by the way, I think that the way the float spell works is that you will still fall down the pit, but you won't take damage. There's another spell that will let you float UP out of a pit also, but I'm not sure if you will have found it yet. So it might not be possible to pass the pits without falling in. Anyway, I definitely went down the pits the first time I did this, and then later found a way to open those doors.
For future googlers... to get past the pits you flip a switch located close by which will release the door. This switch is timed and will reset so hurry... Once you get to the end there is a small hole in one of the walls on the right which you can insert the wood dowel found elsewhere on the level.
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