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Anyone having issues with this game? It starts fine, but for some reason seems very resistant to letting my mouse move freely about the screen. Every time I go anywhere near an object that can be interacted with, the pointer jumps all the way to the right side of the screen.
Go into ( Graphic Mode Setup ) , change the graphic mode to Direct3D !
Mouse will now work :)
Start - Programs - - stonekeep
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If the problem continue, use this
set autolock=false in the [dosbox] conf file
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Hey guys.
I'm basically having the same problem. Yes, I've changed autolock to false and the video mode to Direct3D and it hasn't helped at all :(. Any ideas ? Thanks.
This cut/paste blurb is from the DosBox website entry for Stonekeep. Give this a try.
"There are currently some problems with mouse when user activates mouse before main menu screen (sticks to right edge of the screen). This problem can be solved by simple trick - user should not activate mouse until he gets to main menu just by skipping intro videos using esc button or space bar."
Amazing, it did the trick for me :)
Thanks a bunch !