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I have made it to the level where you first meet Wahooka and I am finding it very hard to progress too very far.
I have searched the entire hidden area (the pass through wall area), except for the shaft leading down.
I have gone back into the main area but I am so low on health it is getting hard to fight anything, and everything seems tougher at this level.
I really wish there was a store, or that Wahooka healed you when you give him what he is after. (Did not want to say what that is in case it would spoil it for someone else).
Does anyone have any tips how to last longer or how to heal?
This game gets a be addictive, but man I do not want to die so often! :o)
Thanks for any help you can provide.
There are healing fountains in the game but they are few and far between.
Its a very hard game. The only thing I can suggest is starting the game with the hidden dagger or walking back to the starting point and taking it (I made a thread about it)
There are some cheese strategies. Don't be afraid to run. Remember press i and it is paused. Throw things, some enemies are weak against some weapons, run backwards and throw things. They can't go through doors so you can get enemies stuck there and finish them with grenades.
I agree it's tough but I find it challenging and not too difficult. If you run around half-cocked then you won't make it very far.
If you go back up to the second floor down, go to the southeast corner and take the stairs up. There is a fountain there that will heal you if you keep clicking to drink from it.
Hey I played the game a bit more and I must add that the game becomes easier. You start getting more equipment which just makes slaughtering things easier. It's common in RPGs to have a tough time at level 1.
Like the people above me said learn to walk backwards and throw things, daggers work great early on and when you get loose arrows you have a awesome trowing weapon, remember to hump all the wall you can because it could be a hidden wall and also remember to check every skull and dirt pile you find and pick up everything you find you will have use for it =)
If you really find the game to hard try what Slybo said about the hidden dagger in the first level but i would not recommend it, it really does make the game way to easy
i forgot to mention a handy trick, when faced with challenging creatures try making them chase you to the door, walk out of the door then when you are on the other side of the door the creatures wont follow you, open the door without walking inside again and just throw things at the creatures until they are dead. this is a good way in order to not get as much damage as you could have gotten.
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