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i have restarted the game multiple times nothing is working i can't get out of the dwarven fortress the door leading back to the feeding grounds is locked
all i did was kill all the dwarfs i could (lol) but kept dombur alive
but the door to leading back to the feeding grounds is locked and no key holes
pleae help its my only saved game and i don't want to restart the whole game
I'm pretty sure the killing spree you went on was a mistake you cannot correct as you've saved over your main game. I've never noticed if killing them locks the entrance, but it looks like you may have to start over.
My guess would be that someone dropped a key that is buried in the pixilated mess on the screen. I was stuck for a little but on the second level and went back and moused over all the dead folks I could find and sure enough, one of them dropped a key that I missed...

But, that is a guess, it could be a game breaking decision, but the dwarves will attack if you steal something, so it would be kind of dumb to have a game breaker in which the game itself would potentially spawn on you. But, then again, I have seen some pretty dumb things too...
well i remember picking up a key but the main entrance doesn't have a key hole so i'm not sure how to get out still
If i remember correctly the front gate of the dwarven fortress gets locked if you turn the dwarves against you. You need a strength skill of 6 or 7 to open it again. You can raise your stats by eating those red mushrooms, drinking throg-holding-a-boulder ale, or by casting strength on drake in the mystic mirror. Or just pound away on that glorystone in the forge room with a heavy weapon until your strength stat goes up.