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I am new to Stonekeep and have only gotten a little way into the game, but I can tell you it is simply fun.
Yes, the graphics look like they are from yesteryear, but in a sense it brings back the nostalgia and charm of the old arcade games. The graphics also do not detract from the game play itself. And this is where Stonekeep really shines is in the game play.
If you are fan of dungeon crawls and hunting for items in both seen and unseen areas, this game will easily scratch that itch for you. Hidden items can be found in piles of debris, hidden items in stones in the walls and of course on enemies.
For the time in which it was made Stonekeep is quite intuitive to use. Form the equipping of your character by simply clicking on any item from your inventory or fallen victim and placing it into your character's hand. Eating food for healing is the same drag it to your character and he will simply eat the needed item.
One very nice feature is that you can equip weapons in each hand of your character and using your right and left hands are as easy as pressing the right or left mouse button respectively.
Another cool feature is that some enemies will stop fighting and effectively cower and whimper for you not to hurt them anymore. It really is a nice touch.
You do not start out with a map and so it may take a little time to find the location of where the book is kept that will show you your stats, dungeon lay and other needed information. But, again this is part of the fun of the game; it is all an adventure.
The characters and voice acting is rather well done for the era of the game. In fact the voices are better than some newer games I have played.
I may update this review as my quest to find the 9 receptacles and free Stonekeep progresses, but suffice it to say, this is $5.99 well spent.
Pick it up and give it a go, and travel the halls of Stonekeep, but mind your health, as the enemies show no regard for your helpless estate.