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Recently uninstalled Stonekeep and reinstalled it. Csn no longer put the game in God mode. Played the game without it twice and ended up with 220 points in the second game. Like fighting Khuul-Khuum at theend of the game. Easier and quicker to get through the game. Can anyone tell me if I there's a way to play in God mode now?
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Hi. Yes there s a way to use a god mode, but you really don't need it in this game. I don't say taht i's bad to cheat or Something like that, not at all, i like use cheat sometimes, and when i beginned to play stonekeep, i looked a walkthrough , and the cheat part. But in fact i've never used it, because the game insn't really difficult. you don't need to have the maximum statistics in strengh or agility, neitheir in the weapons stats to can kill the enemy easily.
So you shouldn't waste some time to search for the god mod. begin the game, and you'll see later if you need it, but i'm pretty sure you will finish the game easily without it too.
If you want it anyway (who knows, it's up to you afterall^^) look at the walthrough of :

uhs-hints com/uhsweb/sk.php

good game, bye