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I recently started Stellaris and i am liking the game overall.
However for me a big downside of its gameplay is the constant manual Survey and Mining/Research Stations spam.

I noticed Survey can be shift queued on multiple systems and that Construction Ships can sort of queue stations on the Galaxy map (first starbase and after that you can queue stations).
But even with those features the whole process feels very boring and tedious and detracts from other much more fun aspects of Stellaris.

There are great Auto-Survey user made mods that make it available at the start of the game so that survey tediousness is reduced.
However for making Starbases and Mining/Research Stations it seems Auto-Build mods have been broken by an old Stellaris update.

Is there any easier way of having construction ships build starbases and research/mining stations across all my surveyed systems?
Going manually system by system, first ordering star bases and after thats built ordering stations is killing my enjoyment of Stellaris.
is it possible to mod the game = yes
does Paradox break mods when they bring out each new patch | Dlc = yes... not always but pretty much
is mapping the stars and building bases boring for you = well thats up to you mate

you already found the Auto-Survey | Auto-Build = shift key... it takes a lot to build bases and things may change after sending the ship out to do it but you will get a notice {and refund} if it can't do the job