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Maybe one of the Forum members can't help me with a problem I'm having with Stellaris on the 24th of March I bought Stellaris and all expansion packs except for megacorp. I then used Galaxy to download the game. This would have turned out to be a big mistake. With high speed internet it took Galaxy about 7 hours to download it because it kept having a server error. Anyway It finally downloaded the game and Stellaris was running fine till today. March 27th. Today when I ran Stellaris from the Galaxy client the client claimed the game was not installed and I needed to install it. I went to the games folder in the Galaxy client and lo and behold the Stellaris folder along with all the files seem to be there all except the Stellaris exe file. Anyone else have this problem where the exe file disappears. I am not keen on re-downloading this game. The game looks really cool. And for the four days I had it it seemed like a game I could get into. Is anyone in this forum know an easy fix for this?
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sounds like your system has major issues... I would assume some sort of av software

it was not gog and the last patch was 9 days ago

however the good news is you used Galaxy so just run the repair tool and that will download a new exe for you

p.s, if your system is crap it may take 10 mins to scan the game folder... only missing files will be downloaded, save games are not touched but if you are running mods that could be a problem
repair.jpg (47 Kb)
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