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I posted a progress update. You can read the details at the link below. I hope to have this patch out for everyone on 10/2/20 if everything goes as expected.

Details here:
Outstanding! Thank you for the high quality of your work so far, and the continued development of this game.

I currently have it patched to the latest version and have got myself to a medium freighter and 100M credits. Last time I played it was mostly trading and exploring, though when trading I found myself thinking, "I don't even get out of bed for less than 1M profit".

I decided to shelve it while waiting for the next update, but have recently felt the need to simply start again from scratch, partly because having levelled my combat skills (i.e. rifle) to 100 it was getting frustrating to level up smg's or heavy guns.

I will now wait for this update and almost certainly restart and see how far I can get (providing I can shake off my current Battle Brothers enthusiasm).

This is only the second game I have bought while in development (the other is Low Magic Age), and I very much appreciate the continued work and communication you are providing.

Thank you.
Still waiting on GOG (I assume) to update the offline installers. Currently still on 0.502

I hope the big update and hotfix that followed are both patches rather than full download / reinstall.

C'mon GOG, tick tock.