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A few updates in today's patch.

UPDATED: A few changes to the UNCAP FRAMERATE (EXPERIMENTAL) option that makes changes to how VSYNC interacts with area loading. I'm hoping this solves intermittent lockups for players using this option on high refresh monitors. Please let me know if you experience any issues. If you do experience lockups when loading areas, de-select the UNCAP FRAMERATE in the options menu.
UPDATED: Increased repair EXP.
UPDATED: Increased experience gain for piloting, weaponry, electronics, and targeting
UPDATED: Increased cash reward values for cleared discovery locations - phage infections, boarded hostile stations, etc.
FIXED: When in rotate character mode, it was possible to right-click enemies which would lock up the game.
FIXED: A bug that could cause scanned planetary stations and nodes to disappear when returning. If you are returning to a planet after completing a mission taken from a faction vendor at a planetary station, and cannot turn in a completed mission (return location is not visible on the planet) you should abandon the mission in the log. Going forward, it shouldn't be an issue.