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It's patch time again. Here are the details for the patch released today.

Rollover info now displays the current condition of items. As they degrade, they become less useful (less mitigation, weapon jams, lower damage, etc.).

Maintaining your weapons is easy. Just roll over the item you want to repair and press the [SPACE] key. Item repairs require finishing items that can be obtained by salvaging junk and gear that you find in your travels. Perks allow you to repair items above 100% to a maximum of +25 (125). Crafted items can gain up to +30 (130). Overall, any crafted item with the appropriate perks can have a maximum of 155 condition from crafting and repair bonuses. In addition - repair tier bonuses apply reduced item degradation as you progress to maximum skill level.
Repair perks have been added
I've provided 20 finishing items of every type as a one time grant for repair. These items will be added to your existing finishing items - or, when starting a new game, you will start with 20 finishing items of each type. This should cover repairs needed in the early game until players can salvage enough items for future repairs.

Equipment wear can be disabled in the options->gameplay menu.

Looted equipment will always be in some state of wear and will never be below 50%. This applies even if equipment wear is disabled.
Equipment wear penalties apply when equipment degrades below 50%
Below 25% - Additional penalties are applied.
Below 5% - Items will barely function.
At 0% Items are non-functional and must be repaired.
Vendors always sell items that are at 100% condition.
Electro damage does more wear to shields.
Thermal and explosive damage do more damage to armor.
Mods, devices, cargo expansions, and items equipped to a ship hardware mount point do not wear over time.
Wear to ship equipment is minimal when shields are up. Once a shield is down and you start taking damage to your hull, damage is increased.

You can now assign a crew member to the ship repair station. This crew member will prioritize repairs to your ship over time, prioritizing the hull, then shields, engines, systems, and weapons. This crew member can repair onboard equipment to the current maximum condition and will receive repair experience over time as they repair your ship. I recommend a dedicated repair crew member for the job.

Manually repairing ship systems can apply bonuses based on your current repair skill and perk selections.
Ship repairs take place over time. Repair skill TIER bonuses improve the speed at which ship hull plating and components are repaired.
When paying for ship repairs on stations, only the hull armor of the ship is repaired. Other components need to be repaired manually or over time when a crew member is assigned to the crew repair station. Hull plating is repaired over time by crew members in the crew repair station.
If the crewmember assigned to the ship repair station is also in your ground crew, repairs will not take place while on stations or ground locations.
Repairs by a crew member in the repair station slot do not consume resources.

Additional components can be salvaged as you unlock skill TIER bonuses.
Perks added that provide bonuses to base salvaging failure, learning, and schematic experience.
Perk selections that allow for increased schematic discovery for weapons, mods, armor, shields, and ship schematics.
SCHEMATIC DISCOVERY PERKS - BONUSES FOR SELECTED SCHEMATIC DISCOVERY PERKS STACK FROM MULTIPLE CREW MEMBERS. Each crew member can provide a +10% schematic discovery bonus for a total of a +40% bonus if all ACTIVE GROUND crew members have a skill level of 80 in salvaging and the correct discovery perks are selected.

Skill tier bonuses reward reduced chance of negative conditions, bonus finishing points at the start of crafting. Perk selections apply bonus action points, item durability, reduced negative condition duration, and positive condition bonuses for weapons, mods, armor, shields, and ship equipment.

You can now view your unlocked schematics in the salvage display without needing to travel to a crafting table.

A new device is available from Varadyn faction vendors that will allow you to convert any type of ammo into other types of ammo. The UI is simple to use and you will can convert standard and heavy weapon ammo at the following ratios:
Pistol, SMG, rifle, shotgun, and E-Cell to any other ammo type in this category = 1:1 ratio (1 for 1)
Pistol, SMG, rifle, shotgun, and E-Cell to missile, fusion cell, flamer fuel, minigun = 4:1 ratio (4 for 1)
Missile, fusion cell, flamer fuel, minigun to any other ammo type in this category = 1:1 ratio (1 for 1)
Missile, fusion cell, flamer fuel, minigun to pistol, SMG, rifle, shotgun, and E-Cell = 1:4 ratio (1 for 4)
The device can be used in any ground location including missions.
This device is fairly expensive and requires that you complete a number of missions to earn the needed tokens from a Varadyn faction agent.

UPDATED: Perks or skill tier bonuses will be rewarded every 5 levels. Perk selection and preview has been completely overhauled so you can preview all skill perk and tier bonuses through skill level 100 at any time. Perks are still situational and you can switch between selections in each group as you have in the past.
IMPORTANT: You may need to assign perks in your current save now that these changes are posted. In many cases you may have a few perks available that you did not have before.

UPDATED: First aid perks overhauled - Reduced perk bonuses to healing, they were OP. Max skill tier bonuses grant a +75% bonus to healing in addition to the base medkit healing values (small, medium, and large). Perks now focus on removing status effects.

UPDATED: Explosives perk line revised with a focus on improved damage and inflicting status effects. Tier bonuses focus on CRIT and accuracy. Perk bonuses can apply addition damage and status effects:
Stun grenades can apply bleeding
Frag grenades can apply hobble
EMP grenades can apply cripple

UPDATED: Weapons, armor, shields, and ship equipment all degrade over time with use and damage. You can repair these items by hovering over equipped items, inventory, stash, cargo, and ship equipment in the various menu's and pressing [SPACE] on your keyboard.
UPDATED: Maximum weapon skill level when crafting weapons is now uncapped - max skill level is now 100.
UPDATED: The currently selected crew member is not reset when transitioning between ground locations.
UPDATED: Removed perception requirement in extended rollover UI for displaying target resist values. I'll likely tie the display of additional resist information to another system.
UPDATED: On the character information screen, when selecting a new crew member, the selected skill is not reset to rifles making it easier to compare perks and skill info between crew members.
UPDATED: New SFX for most ranged weapons.
UPDATED: FTL sound effect volume reduced.
UPDATED: Reduced amount of ammo dropped now that ammo converter is available. I'll likely adjust this over time with more playtesting.
UPDATED: In HARD and EXTREME ground difficulty modes, auto regeneration of HP after combat is disabled. You will need to heal crew members with medkits.
Shield and energy points will regen as usual.
Transitioning between areas will heal crew members to full health.
I'll gather feedback on this change and make adjustments as needed.

UPDATED: Increased melee proc damage from frequency modulator mods.

FIXED: PC's now display the correct amount healed in-game log if healing exceeds maximum health.
FIXED: When gaining a skill level in crafting, salvaging, and repair, a notification is sent to the screen.
FIXED: When various menus are open, key input for ship control is blocked (E.G. afterburners, thrusters, etc).
FIXED: When crafting ship equipment, some of the items were displaying an incorrect finishing item in the last stages of crafting.
FIXED: A few calculation errors in the progress toward the next skill level display on the character information screen.
FIXED: A rare case where beacons and ship ammo could be moved into the player backpack and stash inventories.
FIXED: A rare case where a crew member could die from a DOT (bleed or poison) at the end of combat leaving the game in a state where combat does not end.
FIXED: If a crew member is not assigned to the ship electronics station, you cannot scan ships or planets. A message is displayed on the screen in cases where a crew member is not assigned.
FIXED: Ship vendors now display whether a turret is a general turret mount or a missile mount in the ship information display.
FIXED: Ship hull damage cannot be repaired using the repair button in the ship info UI [K] when boarding an enemy ship.
FIXED: Crafting and salvaging menus now ignore background click events while displayed.
FIXED: Numerous small UI fixes/updates.

There are a lot of changes in this patch. I'll keep an eye on the forums over the next few days and patch any issues that pop up. Thanks as always for supporting Stellar Tactics and have a great weekend!
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Given the amazing job you're doing, I seriously doubt people will give it a second thought. =)