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I want to reload my weapons, but I can't see how to do it outside combat. Is that really not possible?

Even if I enter combat mode, and I try to reload, it says "not enough AP" even if I haven't done anything yet.
Why do I have no AP when I enter combat mode?
You can reload weapons by clicking the reload icon in the lower left of the screen (to the right of the weapon - bullets icon) for the selected crew member. You can reload all weapons for your entire active crew by right clicking that icon when out of combat. "R" also reloads the selected crew members weapon in and out of combat.

If you are entering combat and have zero AP then something is wrong. What weapon are you trying to reload - a heavy weapon? They only hold one round until you craft high quality heavy's. Is it a specific ranged weapon or all ranged weapons that do not reload?

When in combat, you can see how many AP you have on the right side of the AP bar. The value on the left side of the AP displays a preview of how many AP will remain after moving based on where your cursor is located in the game world.

I'm wondering if your install might be bugged - I don't remember an issue like this coming up before.
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I am not sure what happened, but I know I made a mistake and took the numbers displayed on the weapon (x/xx) as the number of rounds loded compared to the max for the weapon. I realize now it's not, it's compared to the amount available.
I found this a bit non-intuitive, maybe this could be a suggestion for updating the GUI. If possible show all three numbers, or if that gets too cluttered, I'd think the numbers displayed on the weapon should show its own content/max, and then you could simply open the Inventory to see the available rounds.

Speaking of which, I find the common pool for the team of ammo, grenades and medikits pretty convenient for gameplay, but for increased "ralism feeling" I'd like to have those individually equipped on each character.

I'm not sure about the 0 AP when entering combat mode manually.
Maybe it was because I was trying it on the trade station, where thre are no enemeies?

Since then, I have entered combat mode in missons when it was auto-triggered, and it seems to function normally. I have also been able to shift-click the reload button between engagements to reload for entire team, and it seems to work normally.

By the way I love the game as it is already!