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Interesting placement of that one chimney here (La Cité/Place Saint-Merri):

Thise gravity-defying piece of cloth/fabric obviously quite a bit off from where it's supposed to hang (over the wall behind it, I assume?) (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

No idea what it's supposed to be, but it surely can't be in the right place on top of/clipping into that roof there (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Obviously falsely orientated "destroyed boxes/barrels" asset (La Cité/Sainte-Opportune Sewers):

Obviously falsely orientated "destroyed boxes/barrels" asset #2 (La Cité/Sainte-Opportune Sewers):

Non-solid part of the barricade/blockade Aegis is able to clip through, also that big, oddly angled pile of cobblestones which isn't supposed to stick out of this side of the barricade? (La Cité/Île de la Cité)

Floating assets not properly connecting with the ground or other assets:

Dog corpse (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Base/bottom part of the middle column (La Cité/Les Halles/Place Saint-Merri):

Curbside/Curbstones (La Cité/Place Saint-Merri):

Instruments, scrolls, and other objects (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Various utensils, as well as the flat bucket/bowl (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Base/bottom parts of the arch's columns (La Cité/Place Saint-Merri):

Gravity-defying boards as part of the barricade/blockade NOT properly lying on the ground (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Metal gate you break down with the Alchemist's Ram ability (La Cité/Sainte-Opportune Sewers):

Piled up dirt, against the wall and along the side of the street there (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

That sitting corpse in particular, as well as the couple of muskets (La Cité/Place Dauphine):

Bunch of boxes, also clipping into wall behind, as well as the pile corpses next to them (La Cité/Place Dauphine):

Pile of corpses #2 (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

Pile of corpses #3 (La Cité/Place Dauphine):

Sheet-covered corpses, especially the middle one (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

"Destroyed boxes/barrels" asset sticking out/over the ledge there (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Wheel of a carriage (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

Knocked-over bowl with the still burning pieces of coal NOT lying on the ground (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Cabbages (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Vegetables, apples, as well as the three sacks in the corner (La Cité/Les Halles):

The three sacks nect to the cart (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

Another gravity-defying board there (La Cité/Palais de Justice):

Barrels (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Barrels #2 (La Cité/Banks of the Seine):

Barrels #3 (La Cité/Île de la Cité/Place Dauphine):

Barrels #4 (La Cité/Banks of the Seine):

Barrels #5 (La Cité/Banks of the Seine):

Barrels #6, as well as the boxes/crates next to them (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

Barrels #7 (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

Barrels #8 (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

Barrels #9 (La Cité/Palais de Justice):

Bundle of branches/firewood(?) (La Cité/Place Dauphine/The upstairs room where the Hephaestus Batons are located):

Environmental/architectural things of note:

Wall/facade overlapping/intersecting VERY noticeably with another wall/facade (La Cité/Place Saint-Merri):

Wooden fence (obviously) intersecting with the wall/left half of the stone arch there (La Cité/Les Halles):

Bunch of boxes/crates VERY conspicuously clipping through the door (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

The cart, the big trunk or the two barrels clipping into/intersecting with the cobbled street/ground (La Cité/Île de la Cité):

Base of this staircase here not properly connecting to the ground, the curbside/curbstones in front of it as well (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Piece of furniture clipping into the wall there (La Cité/Quartier de Sainte-Opportune):

Wall unnaturally intersecting with house front/facade (La Cité/Rue Saint-Honoré):

Wall/facade intersecting with another wall/facade/windows when it shouldn't (La Cité/Place Saint-Merri):