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Not trying to spoil the game, but it's said Constantly whenever Aegis is asked "Who do you serve?"
The response is "I SERVE THE QUEEN", every time.

During the course of the game you reach a point, where you have to make a very important decision, as far as the story goes.

Two Choices

Neither of these choices "SERVES THE QUEEN", plus it's heavily implied that both of these choices are in direct opposition to the interests of the Queen, and most likely both will end with the guillotine for the ex-queen.

Giving the player a choice is fine, and as a I'm an Anarchist , and anti-monarchist, my choice would not be the queen,
As Aegis the only choice she can make, and stay consistent with the narrative is THE QUEEN.

Any other choice is unacceptable to me, role playing as Aegis.
When the entire narrative is thrown out to give the player choice, I choose to NOT be the player at that point.
I'm only playing for the story, and it lost me with this choice never made.
The whole point is that Aegis is developing her own thoughts and is branching out from her original programming.