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Changelog for Update 1.02 (added 18 January 2019):

* Fixed crush in 3rd Chapter
* Keybindings are now going to save
* Fixed harpoon ability
* Fixed Steam Overlay
* Mouse cursor is hidden while mouse is not in use
* You can switch Subtitles On/Off in the cutscenestweaked balance in Junk earning
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Update 1.03 (31 January 2019)

- Balanced HP, Energy, Junk and Points amount needed to unlock Abilities
- Motorcycles Max Speed is decreased (however max speed with Wheelsaw turned on is the same)
- Usage of Wheelsaw now consumes Energy
- BB ability (Spin) doesn't consume Energy any more
- When attacking with Wheelsaw, Motorcycle will auto-target to the nearest Junkbot
- Riding on vertical pipes restores Energy (Wheelsaw FX colored blue)
- Motorcycles are heavier, they don't flip upside down so easily
- Drone Junkbots attack faster and deal more Damage
- Hitting the walls at high-speed results in a crash and losing HP
- Falling upside down results in a crash and losing HP
- Barbed Wire doesn't stop motorcycle anymore
- Reminders of Tutorials added (we display some crucial instructions for the second time so you don't have to worry about skipping them)
- Bugs fixes