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Hi there.
Thanks for releasing this game on GOG and for Linux.

System: officially unsupported up-to-date Arch Linux.

I just started playing and have a few minor bugs to report.

1. The sword cursor flickers when hovered over interactive objects. I think it's supposed to just 'glow'. Weirdly enough this seems to be less of an issue when the game doesn't have focus.
2. On the card detail screen the left rather then the right mouse button is indicated, see screenshot (massively reduced due to filesize limit).
3. This may not be a bug or a art bug, but I have the impression that the characters in dialog don't look as good as they could. Maybe it's just the way the original art is drawn, maybe the original wasn't drawn large enough, but I feel in this rather big version it doesn't look quite as good as it could. It's pretty noticeable on Copernica.

EDIT: Please delete this post, it didn't show up for a while, that's why I created a copy, now this one is visible. This forum software is rather broken.
Post edited June 16, 2019 by hollunder