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high rated
I'm in shock (:

Patch 2.1 (28 January 2019)

• Added Japanese and Chinese (Traditional) language support
• Fixed a critical save bug that could get you permanently stuck in a dialogue after loading.
• Fixed a critical bug that prevented the game from saving any progress at all. It affected players with save data paths containing non-ascii characters.
• Game is autosaving more frequently, e.g after selling items, buying items, and after speaking with characters.
• Better save data backup support, making save files more resilient to corruption.
• Added support for more gamepads.
Patch Notes: SteamWorld Heist Version 2.1
25 sept. 2017 à 11h41 - Julius Guldbog

25 sept 2017 on steam ???????????

wahouu !!!
Is this weak pretext sufficient to justify replaying SteamWorld Heist yet once more ?

They did not update macOS and Linux installers :(
Updated Linux installer but no Mac so far :(
Mac version updated to 2.1