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I got Steamworld Heist via the Humble Bundle and played the downloadable version. Now I was thinking of getting the DLC and playing the game once more, but I noticed that the humble store seems to only sell a steam key. Does anyone know if the GOG version of the Outsider DLC is compatible with the DRM-free version from the Humble Bundle?
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ANYBODY have an answer to whether GOG Outsider DLC will work with Humble Bundle DRM-free version download of Steamworld Heist ? ? ? Need to know ASAP. Thanks
I ended up getting the Steam version when it was on sale shortly after, so I still don't know, sorry!
As far as I know, DLC is only ever compatible with GOG versions of a game. So I don't think the Humble Bundle version would have worked, unless it SPECIFICALLY said it would work with the GOG version. DRM-free on Humble Bundle also means that you can download it directly from Humble.
Stay away from the twitch version it is an older version of the game and no dlcs eather.