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What the HELL. That was the biggest, dumbest bait-and-switch reveal I've seen since Heavy Rain.
it's no big deal when you already played SteamWorld Heist.
Ya, it's a bittersweet ending but it fits in the prelude of Steamworld Heist.

Frankly I'm surprised I didn't see it coming sooner as I played Heist multiple times there was enough foreshadowing leading up to it in Dig 2.
Post edited September 30, 2017 by wolfsite
No, the shift in setting to space was perfectly fitting and I definitely saw that coming when they mentioned everyone was building rockets. I'm not arguing with the ends, but the means were terrible. Anything and everything surrounding Rusty seems to have been discarded as a red herring in favor of an unrelated plot twist surrounding a new character you only just met this game. NO loose ends about his own story were ever addressed, besides "yay, he survived".
The game was fun and i didnt bother as much with the story as i did in the first part. Im happy rusty is alive and this might make some sort of co-op play possible in the future. Maybe.
I wish the ending had more closure to Rusty's story and/or some more hints towards Heist. The way Dig 2 ended, it makes me think a DLC explansion is coming. Hopefully we can play as Rusty or one of the Heist characters.