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Changelog for Patch 1.2.24280 (added 26 October 2018):

Dialogue Logic
* Fixed some logical issues in dialogues

Dialogue Camera
* Fixed several small issues with dynamic dialogue cameras

* Corrected wrong ticker texts
* Corrected several inconsistent dates
* Added a few missing texts in the French localisation.
* Fixed several orthographical errors in English and German localisation

* Fixed wrong state of Richard's loft being loaded, if you come back from the strip club, after having retrieved all data from Simon's module
* Added an emergency reload script for players who use broken savegames (concerning the return from strip club issue above)
* Fixed an AI navigation issues leading to the Doomsday surveillance drones occasionally getting stuck
* Fixed an dialog staging issue where Adam was wrongly being able to walk around after the CloudCall with Richard
* Corrected conditions for some holo pin board hints
* Fixed a hotspot/dialogue issue with Steve at The Voice
* Reduced the durations of fetching cryo containers inside the Skywhale
* Fixed a sound issue of the cleaner bot in the Queens Loft
* Added missing credits entry

* Fixed Phil's head peeking out of the floor in the backstage area in “Doomsday”
* Fixed an staging issue with Simon at the piano during his last memento flashback

* Fixed minor collision issues in Adams Loft
* Fixed collision of door terminal at Artificial Human Lab exit
* Fixed a collider issue with the Doomsday surveillance drone obstructing Lou's hotspot

* We increased each character's turn rates a little
* Fixed an issue where holding the “Sprint” button before walking forward makes the character run on the spot

* Fixed multiple crashes when leaving minigames (e.g. Clinics Spymission)
* Fixed crash in memento puzzle

* Fixed invisible car in “The Dome” when Adam decides to accept Utopia

* Fixed problems with the game window resolutions
* Fixed that the game doesn't start on the primary monitor
* [Windows] Fixed potential crash when dis-/connecting an audio device
* [Linux] Fixed that some keys are not handled correctly