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The Official Strategy Guide for Starship Titanic (included with the First Class Cruise Kit, which I purchased circa 2000) contains a description of the cellpoint settings for each bot. I've attached a photo (well, technically two photos combined into a single image) of the relevant pages, but here's a summary:

Top dial (small disc): Charm
Middle dial (medium-sized disc): Honesty
Bottom dial (largest disc): Ability to Come to the Point

Top dial (dome): Helpfulness
Middle dial (switch): Just Passing Through
Bottom dial: unspecified

Top dial (right switch): Gossipiness
Middle dial (left switch): Niceness
Bottom dial: unspecified

Top dial (left switch): Optimism
Middle dial (right switch): Memoriousness
Bottom dial: unspecified

Top dial (left switch): Health
Middle dial (right switch): Garrulity
Bottom dial: unspecified

This raises the question of what the position of the bottom dial indicates for the bots that aren't the BarBot; perhaps it's simply random.
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The guide also claims that the DeskBot's Gossipy and Sweet/nice cell settings can change randomly and can be optimal without changing her setting (pg 112). I don't think I've ever seen that happen though.