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Just some quick notes about CrossOver compatibility for anyone trying to run this under Mac.

It doesn't work. :) It will install but you'll get a Null Variable error at the end of the install. When trying to run it, it will start and you can interact with the computer, install the CD and the ship will crash into the house. Interacting with the TV also works. When the robot comes out of the elevator, you'll just get a huge black square covering up 75% of the screen, and the game will completely hang. The only way out is to Command-Tab to another app then quit CrossOver.

Also, the uninstaller script crashes and doesn't uninstall, so if you want to try with different CrossOver combinations of options, make sure to install this into its own bottle so you can delete it.

If anyone can get this to work under CrossOver, please post how you did it. I would really love to play this game again.
Same issues here both with crossover and wine (1.6.1) under linux.
Not much to add, but I get exactly the same problem under Wine on Linux as well.