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Greetings everyone!

v0.600.0 - One fine leap forward : Roadmap update 5 - entering beta phase
As one awesome man once said: „That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind“, our Starpoint Gemini 3 development process is currently at one such crossroad. With Roadmap milestone 5 being reached, we're entering the second half of the entire process.


ADDED: New campaign missions
ADDED: New main character model
ADDED: New storyline characters: J.J Digins, Vassily Ratbone, Night Watchman, Glenn Curacao
ADDED: New interior and exterior locations
ADDED: New character animations and voiceovers
ADDED: New interface elements and notification systems
ADDED: New hint and notifications
ADDED: New quest tracking and information panels to Starchart
ADDED: New encounters and random events throughout maps
ADDED: New loot system with more frequent drops
ADDED: New „rich node“ asteroids system for much more lucrative mining
ADDED: New weakpoint system for anti-enemy capital ships combat
ADDED: Enemy capital ship combat mechanics
ADDED: Hostile drones in interior maps
ADDED: ADAH drone combat mechanics
ADDED: New ADAH drone movement mechanics
ADDED: ADAH drone inventory
ADDED: Option to use quick interact button when using drone
ADDED: New loot and reward system for drone interior missions
ADDED: Enemy drones to fight against in interior missions
ADDED: HUD markers for discovered mining and scavenging objects - gas pockets, rich nodes and derelicts
ADDED: Asteroids HP bar visible to player
ADDED: New collisions with asteroids and other objects
ADDED: Ships can now destroy smaller asteroids by ramming into them
ADDED: Collisions from other objects now also add damage to player
ADDED: Large batches of new sounds linked to actions and objects
ADDED: New indicators when locked and targeted by enemy missiles
ADDED: New voiceovered chatter lines for number of events throughout maps
ADDED: Outlaw Guerilla special ship design
ADDED: Outlaws Stalker special ship design
ADDED: Options to scan the scenery objects
ADDED: New cutscenes for additional storyline missions and some revamped old ones
ADDED: Large batches of chatter voices for NPC ships and stations
ADDED: Additional sounds for HUD, cockpit and cutscenes
ADDED: Almost all asteroids yield loot now
ADDED: Encounter system when attempting to use TGate
ADDED: Encounter system when using NavBuoy
ADDED: Enemy space drones spawn system on various locations
ADDED: New Mars sector map, along with objects, encounters and characters
ADDED: Additional civilian and military traffic to various sectors
ADDED: Lock on enemy missiles as they are approaching
ADDED: New hints and HUD feedback information regarding missions and events
ADDED: HUD element - weapons fire range indicator
ADDED: Ship convoys near space stations
ADDED: Ship convoys near structure clusters
ADDED: Ships entering and exiting Starpoint
ADDED: Ships entering and exiting T Gate
ADDED: Ships using Nav buoys
ADDED: New information to stations and planets
ADDED: More additional variety in appearance of derelicts
ADDED: Scanner ship module now has new and upgraded stats
ADDED: New explosion visual and sound effects
ADDED: Derelicts now have special ambient sounds
UPDATED: Revamped experience rewards system
UPDATED: Revamped quest system with barmans
UPDATED: Shortened duration of damage effects on player ship
UPDATED: Modified visual particles when viewing game from cockpit
UPDATED: AI agression levels with ships in fleets
UPDATED: Firing weapons is now disabled in cruise mode and while charging cruise as well
UPDATED: Optimizations to physics system
UPDATED: Lens flare visual effects now depend on surrounding ambient
UPDATED: Weapons targeting against objects is now more precise
UPDATED: Revamped lighting effects and ambients in multiple sectors
UPDATED: Starchart received additional direction lines showing the path of jumps
UPDATED: Prices of numerous missiles reduced
UPDATED: Loot prices and availability increased throughout sectors
UPDATED: Rebalanced difficulty to adjust for new enemies and capital ships
UPDATED: Rebalanced prices of weapons and equipment
UPDATED: Rebalanced experience gain system
UPDATED: Rebalanced enemy weapons and rate of fire
UPDATED: Almost all crafting blueprints are rebalanced
UPDATED: Spin up cycles for Cyclone and Sorm modified
UPDATED: Increased the price of wing ship modules
UPDATED: Increased how much additional turrets influence wing module price
UPDATED: Music system now plays all tracks scattered in various sectors
UPDATED: All missions and other planned actions now yield experience points
UPDATED: T-Gate now has correct hit collision sphere
FIXED: Issues with releasing of 3D sounds
FIXED: Enemy weapons fire sounds now have correct ranges and volumes
FIXED: Mission and object markers on Starchart now are now saved correctly
FIXED: Corrected waypoint tracking and position on Starchart
FIXED: If already initiated, quick action cannot be started again
FIXED: Soundtrack is now properly played throughout sector maps, both combat tracks and ambiental ones
FIXED: Sound issues with playing multiple sounds at the same time
FIXED: Sound issues related to distance of the sound origin
FIXED: Multiple issues and desync during character animations
FIXED: Encounters will now spawn on correct positions
FIXED: Encounter ships will use correct predefined faction
FIXED: Several bugs during Jeepers Creepers Boss fight
FIXED: Lynx wings module now has correct stats
FIXED: Magellan refinery quests now work correctly
FIXED: Trade convoys follow correct paths and behaviour
FIXED: Autosaves now work correctly during campaign mission stages
FIXED: Cutscene on Pyros campaign mission doesn’t cause camera to offset
FIXED: You cannot accidentally sell quest items anymore
FIXED: Vfx from boost engines now shuts down correctly when disengaged
FIXED: Post processing effects from radiation now shuts down properly
FIXED: Iolia factory is now placed in the correct sector
FIXED: Crafting process now has more info on what is gained and invested
FIXED: Skipping cutscene doesn’t break the game anymore
FIXED: NPC AI behavior doesn’t halt indefinitely
FIXED: Target sphere on loot objects increased for easier selection
FIXED: All wings now have correct turning speed information
TWEAKED: Decreased energy recharge of weapon batteries
TWEAKED: Increased energy cost of scattergun weapons
TWEAKED: Increased inventory size for all hull modules
TWEAKED: Increased loot drop value of “ore nodes” and derelicts
TWEAKED: Repair and scan sounds now have normal volume
TWEAKED: Enemy structures now cannot be interacted with
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Hello to all of you!

In these troubled times, we hope you're looking after yourself and also after one another. And while we're waiting for „normal“ times to return, our work on Starpoint Gemini 3 continues. Many of you had the chance to spend some more time playing your favourite games, so we also got plenty of your reactions and feedback. Today's update aims to address some of them. It's not yet time for next major milestone, but it is a good time to deploy numerous tweaks, improvements and additions we've been working on for the past few weeks.

We'd also like to thank you all for your responses and posts! They are very helpful during this development process and we encourage you to keep 'em coming!

List of changes is next:


ADDED: Game manual is now linked to main game launcher
ADDED: Entire new sector to visit, Iolia
ADDED: New NPC enemy drone with both appearance and behaviour
ADDED: New transport barman quest, with both objectives, quick action and rewards
ADDED: Effects linked to completing transport mission
ADDED: Several new and reworked graphics options
ADDED: Several graphics options are added or reworked
UPDATED: Visual effects when firing from intro ship cockpit improved
UPDATED: Ship panel within journal panel now has improved functionality, lists and stats
UPDATED: New NPC chatters linked to specific events
FIXED: When player dies, camera is now properly centered on player ship
TWEAKED: Boss icon is now visible only when you're in the same sector
TWEAKED: Modified journal when using initial intro player ship
TWEAKED: Modified planet size displayed on Starchart

That's it for now. Stay safe and healthy, and have a good week!

LGM Games
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Greetings everyone!

We hope to find you all, despite challenges this year keeps throwing before us, still well and ready to play some more!
During last several weeks we've successfully „cooked“ another cool update for Starpoint Gemini 3.
Full changelog is posted below, but some highlights would be a number of additions to expand the sandbox experience, several player requested changes to accessibility of freeroam between missions, brand new customization panels so all of you can get crreative with your own ship, and a nice bundle of fresh ship modules to assemble your avatar of destruction!
Also, we'd like to share a quick preview of what's coming next – among other things in the upcoming updates, you can expect steam achivements and finally, the introduction of player owned capital ships!

Full changelog for this update is here:
ADDED: A number of new player ship modules, available at numerous drydocks at stations/planets
ADDED: During campaign, freeroam is unlocked on more places between missions, to allow players increase in strength and weaponry before fights
ADDED: New encounter quest system with missions that can be picked up and followed
ADDED: New Starchart waypoint for following encounter mission
ADDED: Anomalies are now enlarged and appear throughout all systems
ADDED: Weapon turret platforms are now placed near some stations and objects
ADDED: Space stations now have defined drydock modules to sell
ADDED: New visual effect for both cruise and boost engine mode
ADDED: Experience points when destroying a structure
ADDED: New NPC miner ship AI
ADDED: Miner AI ships now leave miner loot when destroyed
ADDED: Three different types of chatters for drones
ADDED: NPC drones now can have various weapons
ADDED: Both Invert mouse X and mouse Y
UPDATED: All profession ships now spawn as intended – Miners, Scavengers, Gas Collectors
UPDATED: Improved debugging tool for tracking factions and professions
UPDATED: Improved loading procedure for some structures (Scaffoldings)
UPDATED: Correction of entire ambient in the Mars sector
UPDATED: Scenery update in Pyros sector
UPDATED: Scenery update in Earth sector
UPDATED: Improved NPC ship navigation and destination selection procedures
FIXED: After mission, waypoint marker will be in a correct spot
FIXED: Crosshair center added to options
FIXED: Weapon turrets will now always have correct position and alignment
FIXED: Eliminated bug when moving game launcher window
FIXED: Eliminated possible ship dissapearance when they are created far away from player ship
FIXED: Eliminated bug with NPC ships if they perform jump in directly in front of player
FIXED: Improvements to numerous scripts

As always, we invite you to dive into the game, check out what's new and improved, and let us know your impressions and suggestions. All of that will help us prepare next update to be even better!

Fly safe and stay safe!
LGM Games
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We're all still in partial lockdown, and going through similar hardships like many of you, but push towards development goals must be relentless. So new update is here!


ADDED: Entire new Starchart map – Jupiter sector in SOL system
ADDED: New Templar freeroam start
ADDED: Item prices are now also added to inventory menu
ADDED: New Rich Junk nodes for mining
ADDED: New Gas pocket Rich nodes for extracting
ADDED: „Continue“ button in main menu that loads the last save
ADDED: New system for discovering nebulas and asteroid fields, and for tracking already discovered ones
ADDED: Hunter missile impact drops player from cruise mode and triggers engine malfunction
ADDED: Using exit game option now has another required prompt, preventing player from accidental mis-click
ADDED: Starchart hints for nebulas and asteroid fields
ADDED: Security ships near major stations
ADDED: Containers with ore that can be looted are placed within asteroid fields or refineries
ADDED: Useable docking points on stations for NPC ships
ADDED: Templar outpost object
ADDED: New blueprints in Jupiter sector
ADDED: New locations for Outlaws ambushes
ADDED: Multiple new locations markers on Starchart
UPDATED: Loot drop scripts to better specify type, amount and origin of drops
UPDATED: Starchart snap now better targets visible markers
UPDATED: Security patrols have updated paths and patrol routes
UPDATED: Berzerker ship now has added rear weapon turret
UPDATED: Multiops Legion ship has upgraded firing arcs
UPDATED: Sector Iolia has upgraded ambient and nebulas
UPDATED: Target lock from waypoint to object now automatically switches when needed
UPDATED: Notification sounds for switching missiles type in mid flight
UPDATED: Radiation nebula system revamped, ambient, textures, noise effect, damage distance
UPDATED: Saving data on blueprints, derelicts and anomalies to player save file
UPDATED: Radiation damage indicator reworked to be more user friendly
UPDATED: Radiation anomaly deals damage gradually, giving player time to finish scan
UPDATED: Radiation nebulas are now green on Starchart, and display realistic size
UPDATED: Radiation nebulas now have added correct parameters
UPDATED: Distances between nebulas
UPDATED: Loot drops for all NPC ships are reworked
UPDATED: Loot drops from anomalies reworked
UPDATED: Anomalies don't give credits as loot anymore
UPDATED: General Drake station has new items inventory
UPDATED: Outposts all over the maps now have correct names
UPDATED: Localizations for several languages are improved and expanded
FIXED: Asteroids will now be normally destroyed, regardless of current camera position
FIXED: Nebula appears normally, regardless of current camera position
FIXED: Decals in ship customization panel now displays in all selected colors
FIXED: Nebulas are now displayed correctly on Starchart, both in position and size
FIXED: Post effect in in-game menu are now displayed correctly
FIXED: Encounter quest cannot be spawned inside a planet anymore
FIXED: All asteroid types and asteroid fields now have correct loot drops
FIXED: Upon undock, all dockable objects will now display correct object names
FIXED: All outposts now have correct inventory lists
FIXED: All junkyards are now correctly marked on Starchart

LGM Games
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Hi everyone!

It is almost the middle of the month, so a fitting time for next Starpoint Gemini 3 Early Access update!
Since it's summertime, and the pandemic situation shows no signs of easing, we hope you're still keeping yourself safe and healthy. And clocking some good gaming hours is luckily one of the things that can help with maintaining your safety and distancing while still experiencing a bit of good old fun.

There are a number of improvements in this update, we've included a nice list of fixes and upgrades based on your feedback throughout various forum discussions. Two things will stand out though – firstly the beginning of implementation of a second gameplay „style“ that leans more towards simulation.

Note that all these incoming options will be possible to switch on and off in the game options, depending on whether you prefer to play the game as a more pure action game or more simulation oriented. In this update we're adding the radar screen (for both cockpit and 3rd person cameras) with overview of the surrounding situation. Hope you'll find it useful!

Second important thing is the introduction of achievements. There are over 100 of them, and you'll be rewarded with various achievements from the very start of the game, for any number of activities: exploring, using different weapons, destroying enemies, reaching certain stages of the campaign etc... In main game menu you can check out the entire list of reached achievements as well as those yet to be reached.

Hope these additions, along with many other fixes and upgrades will supply you, ladies and gentlemen, with more goals to play for in this summer heat. Meanwhile, we're going back to player capital ships mechanics that was already announced earlier. We've done some good progress there, but it wasn't yet fully ready to be added with this update. If all goes well, it will be the backbone of next one.

Full changelog for this update is here:

* ADDED: Ingame active radar, can be toggled in game options
• ADDED: Achievements are now activated and can be gathered
• ADDED: Entire new Darwin sector colony
• An option to turn off shadows, helpful for slower configurations
• ADDED: Collectable derelicts throughout sectors. Players can shoot at them, and they can eject loot drops until they are destroyed
• ADDED: New mining facility structures with mining effects
• ADDED: New batch of German translations
• UPDATED: Freelance mission markers don't transfer to different maps
• UPDATED: Adjusted level of drone damage received
• UPDATED: Drone events added: weapon fire detection range
• UPDATED: Cutscene SFX is now bind to overall SFX option slider
• UPDATED: Detection markers on interior drone missions improved
• UPDATED: Ambient near planet Jupiter improved
• UPDATED: Loot drop calculation improved
• UPDATED: Rich nodes now hidden when player is too far
• UPDATED: Behavior of enemy drones and their awareness improved
• FIXED: A few duplicated shortcuts now working properly
• FIXED: Several causes for possible game breaking issues resolved
• FIXED: A bug with infinite respawning blueprint
• FIXED: „Ghost“ loot doesn't appear anymore on interior missions
• FIXED: Dockable status of Tgates are now saved properly
• FIXED: Frequency of „engine down“ event reduced
• FIXED: Upon undocking from Calisto refinery, ambient functions normally now
• FIXED: Spawned NPC drones now follow correct path
• FIXED: Shortcuts displayed properly in crafting menu
• FIXED: Visible mouse pointer during cutscenes removed

Fly safe and stay safe!
LGM Games
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It's time to jump to next version. There are a number of important additions, so without delay, here is the content for version 0.800


ADDED: Support for Steam Workshop and access to mods
ADDED: Navigation Starchart upgraded with fastest course plotting (with multiple WPs)
ADDED: Active shield system for player drone
ADDED: Anomaly mechanics now have specific loot drops
ADDED: Additional stats information on each weapon
ADDED: Wormholes with subspace areas
ADDED: Entire Darwin sector with all objects and missions
ADDED: Roaming space trader Doug Jones
ADDED: Proper derelicts for several additional ships
ADDED: Anomaly data items granted for anomaly scanning
ADDED: For „completionists“ - track bar on Starchart that summarizes everything there is to explore in each sector
ADDED: Loot containers within radiation nebulas
ADDED: Templar Outpost in Outerlands sector
ADDED: Radioactive nebulas
ADDED: Cockpit visuals upgraded (in cinematics)
ADDED: Sectors info and completion stats added to Starchart
ADDED: Hunter missile now interrupts cut engines mode and auto flight
ADDED: Light weapons can now destroy incoming missiles
ADDED: Weapons and weapon hardpoints: one weapon per each hardpoint
ADDED: Due to weapons mechanics change, rewards greatly modified and balanced
ADDED: HUD quick info on locked targets
ADDED: Anomaly scanning now grants experience and rewards
ADDED: Option to toggle depth of field on/off
ADDED: Invert Y axis for player drone
ADDED: Additional language localizations for new content
ADDED: Additional blueprints in sectors Outerlands, Sora, Extera, Iolia and Mars
UPDATED: Character models optimized
UPDATED: Additional lootable containers on levels
UPDATED: Additional security patrols near key locations
UPDATED: Encounters are now properly discarded while in radius of active missions
UPDATED: Asteroid update and draw distance now match properly
UPDATED: Nexus ship security patrols now have modified and corrects paths
UPDATED: Starchart nebula pins
UPDATED: Jupiter sector level
UPDATED: Added sales lists to Io Moon (Jupiter sector)
UPDATED: When dropping game to Steam with SHIFT + TAB, camera mode remains correct
UPDATED: Pressing SHIFT displays equipment hint
UPDATED: „Specialist“ achievement now unlocked properly on last skill stage
UPDATED: HOTAS T.16000m improved config file
UPDATED: Available weapons, ship modules and equipment lists updated on several dockable locations
FIXED: Upon load, nebulas are now visible correctly
FIXED: Boss Starchart marker displays correctly now
FIXED: Player waypoint correctly removed after successful jump
FIXED: Commlink during campaign mission 6 now displayes correct video
FIXED: Radar range is increased to match installed module type
FIXED: Camera positions during several cutscenes
FIXED: Saving a game doesn't generate fake skill points anymore
FIXED: Skill points respec is now locked if you have insufficient credits
FIXED: Radiation shied progress now works correctly while Starchart is activated
FIXED: Scanner radius regarding radar now working as intended
FIXED: Templar faction now uses correct ship types
FIXED: NPC AI ships no longer randomly fire while out of combat
FIXED: Additional fixes in cinematics regarding player ship modules
FIXED: Rendering distances and LOD's regarding asteroids and junkyards
FIXED: Derelict detection is now in corelation with scanner stats
FIXED: Derelicts now appear on radar as intended
FIXED: Ship turret count now displays correct value
FIXED: Planet Starchart hint now displays properly in higher then 2K resolutions
FIXED: Located blueprints can now be properly collected
FIXED: Mission timer and quick action don't overlap visually anymore
FIXED: Camera movement removed while in ingame menu during drone missions
FIXED: Derelict rotation now correctly follows rotation of original ship model
FIXED: Berzerker capital ship now displays correct weakpoints
FIXED: Bug with „infinite“ blueprint spawn removed
FIXED: Encounter quest cannot spawn inside a planet anymore
TWEAKED: Labels on weapon installation menu
TWEAKED: Targeted object is now shown on radar
TWEAKED: All radar distances now match sensor range
TWEAKED: Anomalies balanced and optimized
TWEAKED: Crafting items info
TWEAKED: HUD radar display objects
TWEAKED: Camera tweaks in ship customization
TWEAKED: Interior HUD notifications
TWEAKED: Nav Buoy positions modified in several places
TWEAKED: Weapon turrets positions on enemy capital ships
TWEAKED: Balanced asteroid rich nodes
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Hello guys! As updates started to flow in quite fast ahead of 1.0 version launch, we had a mismatch of game versions between GOG and Steam. With this update, we're back in sync. So, this update includes all content from Steam versions 0.801 and 0.820.

Anyways, here are the changes:

ADDED: Highlighted visual notification for unspent skill points
ADDED: Weapons from Supporter pack added to all freeroam game scenarios
ADDED: More opportunities to prepare for Ravena fight (first capital ship combat)
ADDED: More saving points in early missions of the campaign
ADDED: Additional hints
UPDATED: Cockpit camera twitch reduced
UPDATED: When controller is plugged in, but not actively used, sensitivity is reduced
TWEAKED: Target lock color when selecting Nav Buoys
TWEAKED: Readjusted the mission where Bold has to retrieve the Urn. Easy and Normal are now easier, while Hard and Insane difficulty is now harder on the mission
TWEAKED: Enlarged the mission area on Ravena fight
FIXED: Radiation resistance now works correctly
FIXED: Objective update where player needed to gain certain amount of experience
FIXED: Fixed a rogue objective which would sometimes ask players to reach Earth
ADDED: Highlighted visual notification for unspent skill points
ADDED: Weapons from Supporter pack added to all freeroam game scenarios
ADDED: More opportunities to prepare for Ravena fight (first capital ship combat)
ADDED: More saving points in early missions of the campaign
ADDED: Additional hints
UPDATED: Cockpit camera twitch reduced
UPDATED: When controller is plugged in, but not actively used, sensitivity is reduced
TWEAKED: Target lock color when selecting Nav Buoys
TWEAKED: Readjusted the mission where Bold has to retrieve the Urn. Easy and Normal are now easier, while Hard and Insane difficulty is now harder on the mission
TWEAKED: Enlarged the mission area on Ravena fight
FIXED: Radiation resistance now works correctly
FIXED: Objective update where player needed to gain certain amount of experience
FIXED: Fixed a rogue objective which would sometimes ask players to reach Earth

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Version 0.840 is now live, and we're yet another step closer to finish line.


ADDED: New locations to explore - Alien Ruins
ADDED: Interiors for Alien Ruins, with rewards and loot
ADDED: New Encounter quests
ADDED: Defensive asteroid turrets are now functional
ADDED: Reworked damage system for missiles and torpedoes, making them much more usable
ADDED: Notification system display of items collected by drone
ADDED: Revamped default control bindings for keyboard input
UPDATED: Missile weapons no longer go through objects
UPDATED: NPC AI has better path finding and navigates better around objects
UPDATED: Further improvements on asteroid caves interiors
UPDATED: Enemies don’t engage heavy weapons if player is outside line of sight anymore
UPDATED: Enemies with equipped short range weapons will approach closer while in combat
UPDATED: Added weakpoints to several capital ships that lacked them
FIXED: Resolved problems with rotation connected to LOD
FIXED: Eternal loop sound of cruise engines while docked is now removed
FIXED: Various issues with encounter and mysterious missions
FIXED: Inaccurate derelict rotations
FIXED: New game button now works with accurate focus when clicked
UPDATED: Colors and appearance of mission objective texts and icons
UPDATED: Turrets in interior missions are now more accurate
UPDATED: Turrets in Alien ruins interior are now functional

Fly safe!
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Hello to all of you!

Big day is here – this is update log for release version 1.0 !
We know many of you were anxious for any further news and updates, so here we are, with some good news! Hopefully new waves of pandemic didn't impact you too much. Apologies for not updating you sooner, but we had many closely linked parts of the game in development pipeline recently, so we had to proceed ahead very carefully.
This update will change the game a lot in many aspects, and combines both version 0.900 and everything else for version 1.0!
Game will change significantly after this mega update. Old save files should still work, but due to many differences in game versions, there is a possibility of some problems with very old saves, so if you can, starting a new game is advisable, but not necessary.
Game now includes all planned content for version 1.0, but our work doesn't stop there. We're continuing to improve and expand on number of features and all of that will be released in post release updates.
In the end, big thanks to all that participated in this development process, be it with praises or criticism, feedback or ideas. We wouldn't be here without you!


ADDED: Unlocked entire storyline
ADDED: Player owned capital ships mechanics
ADDED: NPC capital ships now have special abilities
ADDED: New rewards for exploring Alien Ruin
ADDED: Unlocked path to additional Alien Ruins
ADDED: New weapon blueprint: Gaul
ADDED: Legendary unique light weapons
ADDED: New player ship modules
ADDED: Blueprints for legendary light weapons
ADDED: Significant experience points for investigating Alien Ruin
ADDED: Energy pack equipment
ADDED: New clusters of derelicts in numerous sectors
ADDED: New borehole torpedo for blasting huge chunks of asteroids when mining
ADDED: Darwin sector objects, paths, blueprints and asteroid fields
ADDED: Dogon sector opened
ADDED: More places with opened freeroam during campaign
ADDED: NPC capital ships AI rebalanced (movements, abilities and weapon setups)
ADDED: Enemy fighters rebalanced, tuned regarding weapons loadouts and dmgs, shields
ADDED: Tutorial hints for weapons and game mechanics
ADDED: Tutorial hints for opened freeroam during campaign
ADDED: Saturn sector objects, paths, blueprints, asteroid fields, entire scenery and missions
ADDED: Hunter missiles now knocks out ship's engines
ADDED: A number of stations in campaign now have armed defense platforms
ADDED: Visual notification for enemy ship strength on target lock
ADDED: Visual notification for advanced blueprints
ADDED: Anomaly data items to all anomalies
ADDED: Loot to various objects within radiation nebulas
ADDED: Encounter quest Spy satellite
ADDED: Pirate's Harbor station now has weapon turret defense platforms
ADDED: Security patrols near several stations
UPDATED: Hit boxes modified: easier to hit smaller targets at larger distances
UPDATED: Encounter Quests, added new challenges with rewards
UPDATED: Cruise speed visual effect
UPDATED: Loot drop rebalanced to include helpful equipments and missiles
UPDATED: Barman quest system with new mission flow and new rewards
UPDATED: Entire economy rebalanced in terms of both income and prices
UPDATED: Torpedoes rebalanced, speed increased
UPDATED: Dumbfire missiles will explode and deal radius damage even if they miss target
UPDATED: Dumbfire missiles spread decreased
UPDATED: Increased speed of weapon switch in combat
UPDATED: Encounter Kill mission nerfed
UPDATED: Encounter Survival quest improved
UPDATED: Encounter quests rewards improved
UPDATED: Derelicts on level now have proper destruction stages
UPDATED: Align to plane option works properly now
UPDATED: ADAH targeting system and movement
UPDATED: Roll movement of player ship is now more smooth
UPDATED: Miner ships improved AIUPDATED: Missiles now deal intended damage to objects and asteroids
UPDATED: All capital ships now have working weakpoints
UPDATED: Enhanced power of virtual weapons in Prasad faceoff campaign mission
UPDATED: Adjusted the locations of a number of Nav Buoys
UPDATED: Expanded localization kit and translations for supported languages
UPDATED: Revamped trader inventories on numerous stations
UPDATED: New rear turrets on Berzerker capital ship
FIXED: Mission timers don't show in ingame menu anymore
FIXED: Derelict encounter missions can now be completed properly
FIXED: A number of typos in sentences and game menus
FIXED: Encounter quests won't spawn inside a planet anymore
FIXED: Credits display while in trader panel now works correctly
FIXED: Eliminated infinite blueprint bug
FIXED: Customization emblems now display properly
FIXED: Gas pocket extraction now works properly
FIXED: Krieger capital ship now has proper explosions
FIXED: Dialogues stop when game is paused
FIXED: Barman missions now display correct objectives
FIXED: Scattergun damage info in trader and inventory panels is now correct
FIXED: Barman missions on Nadym station now work properly
FIXED: Not possible to have a single use of equipment with 0 count
FIXED: Music background switch now works properly
FIXED: Gas collector now has a proper final explosion
FIXED: Orbit camera won't pass through objects anymore
FIXED: Bug with uncollectable blueprint eliminated
TWEAKED: Difficulty of enemy drones on campaign missions
TWEAKED: Prolonged timers on several campaign missions
TWEAKED: Increased distance for loot collection
TWEAKED: Sensitivity of controls on gamepads decreased
TWEAKED: Reputation of ships and objects in Outlaw's life scenario adjusted
TWEAKED: Transporter beam improved
TWEAKED: Trader panel improvements
TWEAKED: Death panel options improved

Enjoy and stay safe!
LGM Games team
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Time to continue post-release development. Going to v1.002 today, and preparing for further upgrades...


ADDED: Cut engines mode can be toggled on the same button, movement forward and backward doesn't interrupt it anymore
ADDED: Mouse sensitivity options range increased
UPDATED: Timer prolonged for ISS interior mission during campaign on easy difficulty
UPDATED: Several docking/undocking cutscenes improved
UPDATED: Capital ships upgrades impact improved greatly
UPDATED: Capital ships weapon icons improved
UPDATED: Improved LOD with several Scaffolding structures
FIXED: Some encounter quests difficulty corrected
FIXED: Gunship derelicts now drop proper loot after destruction
FIXED: Derelict radiation corrected, occassional excessive radiation removed
FIXED: Drone loot corrected
FIXED: Ships don't spawn during sector loading anymore, causing possible crash
FIXED: Consoles on Cassini mission now work properly
FIXED: Blueprint issues during creation
FIXED: Incorrect light effects during interior misions now work properly
FIXED: Occassional hang of CSF effects in cutscenes eliminated
FIXED: Ships during cutscenes are now properly released eliminating possible problems
TWEAKED: Additional improvements in japanese localization
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Greetings everyone!

A couple of days after release, race to improve games continues! We're ready for post update No.2, meaning new version will now be 1.003 ! You're sending us your feedback, and we're already trying to include whatever is possible in this early stage. Thank you for providing your reactions and experiences from playsessions!

ADDED: Brand new 2 cockpit designs, available in customization panel
ADDED: Farther LOD drawing for stronger machines
UPDATED: Tutorial hints system, no more overlaping with opened panels
UPDATED: Cut engines additional option – by default, moving forward will not disengage cut engines. If option is checked, forward moving will automatically disengage cut engines mode
UPDATED: Optimized axis aligned bounding boxes around structures and stations
FIXED: Ambient change in Dogon sector is now seamless transition
FIXED: Possible black screen in Prasad campain mission resolved
TWEAKED: Shortcut icon for cut engines, while using controller, is now properly displayed
TWEAKED: Encounter quests will no longer appear near Boss locations

Have fun and stay safe!
LGM Games people
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Hi captains,

Before end of this first week following release, we've completed a third post release update. All of you will have access to version 1.005, just in time to have some weekend fun!

ADDED: Additional rewards for Boss fights, including substantial amount of credits
ADDED: New options checkbox to allow the use of additional cockpits during campaign
ADDED: Battleship Krieger now available to players
ADDED: New docking cutscenes for stations that still didn't have them
UPDATED: HUD marker for enemy ship is now much larger if ship is out of screen
UPDATED: Seveal sectors have been optimized to run more smoothly
UPDATED: Borehole torpedo now awards experience points and counts as part of appropriate achievement
FIXED: Head hunter achievement now works properly
FIXED: Capital ship upgrade display now works properly
TWEAKED: Logging system now strenghtened in several places
TWEAKED: Additional loading and optimization procedures improved

Hope you'll like the changes, and we're off to next round of improvements!
Fly safe and be safe!
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Update to version 1.010 is here!

Before month is over, we're ready to push out another update, to version 1.010, fourth since release. Ladies and gentleman, this update is about new additions you can play with. Numerous new modules for your ships are scattered around stations, another capital ship design, some new things to explore etc...
We also gave some attention to reported issues with Win 7 compatibility. Some tweaks have been made and log tool improved. If any of you still experience issues, please contact us and provide new logs so we can gather more information and iron this out completely. At this point we're unable to recreate the issue on our side anymore, but all additional data from you is welcome!
Hope new stuff will gave you some more diversity while playing, and we're proceeding to next things on our list...


ADDED: Liberland freighter capital ship for player to use
ADDED: Additional 6 different wing modules for player ship
ADDED: Additional 2 different engine modules for player ship
ADDED: Additional cockpit design for player ship
UPDATED: Additional large derelict to explore
FIXED: Number of small issues related to game performance
TWEAKED: Changes to Exploration achievement in order to count it correctly
TWEAKED: Drone initialization sequence modified in order to prevent falling through floors bug

Enjoy and keep safe!
LGM Games team
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Update 1.100: Santa's presents

Hello everyone!

Just before Christmas, we've completed another round of improvements and additions. Version 1.100 finally allows your capital ships to have autofire mode and properly use their firepower. This autofire system will always use rear and side weapon turrets, as these are hardest for players to use personally due to capital ship slow turning momentum. Now they will automatically engage any enemy within firing range and arc ( if he is not in front of you).
We've also eliminated several frequent bugs you've reported, and tweaked stations trade inventories to make collect missions and crafting more accessible.
With that said, we're proceeding to further tasks, and to all of you we extend best wishes for the upcoming Holidays. Stay safe and celebrate as much as possible in these circumstances of the Year 2020. !
Full changelog for this update is here:
ADDED: Automated fire with capital ships, using rear and side weapon turrets automatically
ADDED: New „Collect“ barman quest added on numerous stations
ADDED: While using controller and fighting capital ships, autotarget will aim for closest available weakpoint on capital ship
UPDATED: Numerous stations now sell additional items so it is easier to gather ingredients for barman missions and crafting system
UPDATED: When approaching the planet in cruise speed, cruise will disengage in close proximity to the planet
UPDATED: New visual effect when player is too close to planet
FIXED: Bug with looping cruise engine sound eliminated
FIXED: Bug with appearing timer countdown while fighting near stations eliminated
FIXED: Extracting beams, while in cockpit mode, now looks visually as intended
FIXED: Critical system failure achievement now works correctly
FIXED: Bug with blueprint loop, if performing Nav Buoy jumps near blueprints is resolved

Fly safe and stay safe, and Happy holidays!
LGM Games