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I like to play games in more or less finished state (if applicable, of course). Soooo how close is this to being finished? It seems to be in very active developement (that's great!), if so, how long do you think i should wait?

Strangely enough i can't find any info on planned release date... maybe i don't know where to look? I must say i am very new to the GOG, so sorry if it's obvious :)

Let me respond in behalf of the develper :) . We can't percisely know how long the development will take, since we are in Early Access and we have a habit to communicate with players intensly, and also add/modify game elements when needed. We planned for 10 major updates (publicly listed on Roadmap plan), and in December we will be releasing the third one. Entire Early Access is planned for approx 1 year time, but take it with a grain of salt at this point. Definitely, we are happy how development is advancing and what major jumps ahead the game build already did. But there is still quite some work ahead of us...