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I have a CH Combatstick and Pro Throttle. The game seems to detect only the stick and in the options the bings are shown as if it's a gamepad. I tried the free roam mode a bit and while buttons work no stick movement seems to have an effect, is it normal or there is something I'm missing?
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Since I got no answer either here or on Steam I asked for a refund.
Probably when or if they decide to put in some decent HOTAS support I might consider it but right now it isn't worth it and I consider this habit of presetting the game for a few common peripherals rather than let the users bind axes and buttons troublesome enough that I don't feel like putting money in a game that does that.
Fully cunstomizable bindings on gamepads and controllers are going to be added in one of the updates. I am sorry you're currently disappointed. Once all of this is added to game, I hope you'll want to give the game another chance...