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Hello to all of you,

When we entered Early Access with Starpoint Gemini 3, we mentioned that general pricing policy will follow same path we used in previous Early Access cycles. That means that earliest, most unfinished game version will have lowest price, and that price will gradually increase as the game gets more and more completed.

We also promised we will notify you publicly before any price increase, so anyone interested can make use of lower price.

Well, we can now confirm that price will be increased for the first time AFTER THE RELEASE OF NEXT PLANNED ROADMAP UPDATE. This will also be clearly announced, but expect it within a week time.

Anyone considering jumping into Starpoint Gemini 3 at some point, you can use better price for a several more days. Since there is also a current discount offer, moment to pull the trigger could be this. Once game is finished, you will ofcourse already have access to that version too.

Best to all of you!

LGM Games