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Just upgraded my Laptop (actually a fresh install) to Windows 10.

I have installed latest verion of SPG2. Game plays as expected from 8.1, but there is no audio.

Not sure what the issue might be - sound does work for other applications. Web searches have not found any fixes for me.

I suspect it might be DirectX related, but I do not know how to confirm of fix.

Any help gratefully appreciated (I need to get back into space, with sound).

Kind regards,

If you still have this problem, send us log.txt and save game from your folder to so we can check it out.

Windows 10 is not officially supported so there are no guarantees that everything will work properly. It mostly does, but there were some reports on some issues.

You could try installing DirectX June 2010 End User Runtimes, it could fix the problem. (It fixed the same kind of issue on Win8).

here's the link: link
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Yes I do still have this problem... and I have tried installing a DirectX bunch of something, but to no avail.

This is the only game giving me this trouble. I have sent my log.txt and savegame to the address mentioned by zzokalj, although as the game does not have sound at all, even while loading, I do not see how it could be a savegame issue.

Kind regards,

Thank you, our programmers will look into it and try to see what's the problem.
Hi All,

An old thread of my own... needs closing now as the issue has been resolved.

I am not sure what fixed the problem, as a lot of things have happened since I last tried. To be honest I had almost given up trying to fix the issue as all suggestions failed to make any difference.

So, what did I do?

1. Win 10 put in the anniverary edition update.
2. I completely uninstalled SPG2, and installed the recently released patched version.
3. Following an audio issue with Win10 Ann Upd, I completely uninstalled and re-installed the audio drivers.
4. Then I played SPG2 and it just worked!

Probably not the best fix for everybody, but there you have it.

See you in space!

Thanks for letting us know! :)
Hi, i just recently purchased this game and i also have no sound. i have tried everything that has been suggested in various forums and nothing seems to work. is there anything that can be done?
I felt like replaying this, and had the same problem - everything works except there's no sound at all, not even in the startup videos. I looked at Log.txt and noticed the following lines:

Error XAudio2Create

Googling for that led to this thread:

So I tried installing the Jun 2010 DirectX runtime, and now it works. The SO thread suggests that it could be fixed by patching the game to use a newer version of XAudio, then it wouldn't require the DX redistributable to be installed, but I don't expect that to happen now, given how old the game is.