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I finally downloaded Starpoint Gemini 2 to give it a try after reading some great reviews about it and some details about the game that I find very appealing. Unfortunately, I was greeted with stuttering and freezing of the intro and main menu videos. Which I've heard mentioned in Steam forums and one person here in the GOG forums who, as a workaround, compiled a script that (I think) edits the videos to a reduced screen resolution. I tried playing the videos outside of the game and they run just fine with no lag. Avg framerate (according to AMD control panel) on my end is 52fps in-game.

According to those in the Steam forums, the most recent update included 64-bit compatibility. Those who experienced the stuttering and freezing issues (along with reports of cursor lag and generalized lagging in-game for some) were instructed to opt out of the most recent release and essentially downgrade to the previous version via the beta options in Steam game properties.

Therefore, I think it might be good to make the previous version (v1.9300) available here as well. Unless the 32-bit installer is the most recent patch without the 64-bit compatibility fix, runs on x86 hardware, and I'm just confused... (x86 applications run on x64 hardware, 32-bit is sometimes x86_64 compatible, sometimes actually 32-bit and won't run. idk.)

My specs are as follows if it helps:
(Feel free to laugh)

AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2ghz (95W)
AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB GDDR3 (OEM)
2x2GB DDR2 800Mhz
Win7 x64

Several people report issues with the 64-bit ("Win7") compatibility fix on Win7, Win8, and Win10 despite having more than adequate hardware and 60+fps in-game. Which leads me to believe that maybe it's something with the video codec? And how it communicates with the new executable maybe?

I also have the most recent version of K-Lite Full Codec Pack installed, along with .Net Framework, Visual C Redists, DirectX, and PhysX + PhysX Legacy up to date.
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So. It turns out the 32-bit version in the offline download section is v1.9300 (or at least it says it is in the upper right hand corner upon starting the game, even though GOG download section claims it's v2.0.0.1?) and is x86_64 compatible. Unfortunately, it seems bugged too. It installs fine. It starts up. But as soon as I get to the main menu and try to select 'Play with DLC' or 'Play without DLC' it freezes. I can see the standard Windows mouse cursor in certain areas as I move it around the screen at that point (unable to Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Del, I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to get back to the desktop) and click the hidden error prompt behind the Starpoint Gemini 2 window to force close it.

Not sure what the problem is. Sys Req claims it is compatible with Windows 7 and my system is up to date along with all prerequisite redistributables.

I even tried removing the DLC folder from the Starpoint Gemini 2 folder in order to bypass the DLC selection prompt) and it still freezes after trying to start the game. I am able to select options using this method and get through the New Game prompts, but when trying to start a New Game, freeze/crash.
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Is there any way to download previous versions of games owned here on GOG? Without using GOG Galaxy... I'm in a situation where I must download elsewhere via linux and install my games offline at home.
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I have found an unorthodox solution to my issue with the game crashing (with both versions currently available for download). Game is running fine so far. Don't think I can share here what I did to make it work, but if anyone else has issues with the game lagging and/or crashing, message me and I can provide details.

Kind of upsetting though that the game doesn't work with either installer provided, despite Windows 7 being listed as compatible in system requirements. I even went so far as doing a clean install of Win7, since I read someone had success with the game after doing that.