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Since I know the Devs reads this forum, first let me just say that I've finished the campaing and got my Sentinel Titan and just loved every minute of the game. It started slowly for me, lots of stuff to learn but when I got it going and memorized all keyboard shorctuts (and learned how to board ships) I had a blast, really fells like I'm a "captain of a ship" specially when using all shortcuts becomes second nature.

The only problem is, now that I've got my Titan the game is too easy, I've played the first aethera missions and it's so easy it's not even funny.

I thought a good Idea would be to downgrade myself a little by starting a new Secrets of aethera save, you know the option that starts you already in level 35 or something near aethera. Then I could play this DLC with a bit more challenge.

My question is. If I start a new game > Secrets of aethera..... When I get to the level 65 will Titan side missions become available? It would be nice to start secrets of aethera and slowly progress toward getting a Titan to chase down the other titans with my new kepler beams
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