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WTF !?

Downloaded the 1.93 to patch and again it says (which is becoming far too common here)

"This patch does not support your version of the game. Please download a new installer."

OK, so tell me then, what version of the game is it for ?????? I have version 1.93.

Now I need to download the complete game again. I really don't have time for this constantly happening on quite a few games. Is this your way of FORCING your customers to use GOG-Galaxy (a form of DRM) on your NON-DRM game site ? What's the end goal ?

Wait, not only do I need to download this game AGAIN, THEN on to download Mirror's Edge again ( game I just bought a couple days ago and downloaded and has since added a tiny update.) Then, when the Desperados 3 update gets here, most likely tomorrow, I get to download that complete game again for the THIRD time.

I will not use GOG-Galaxy . I've downloaded it before and it sucks. I downloaded it again tonight, and it still sucks. It's DRM. I'm going back to Steam since this is no longer a DRM-Free site.

Not everyone has great internet speeds in their area no matter what they pay.

Flame me now. You know you gotta.
Post edited August 21, 2020 by gergo66
Same boat! Although the internet speed is not really the issue, for me it's that the limitations of the patcher are not mentioned. GOG Galaxy isn't available for me due to technical reasons.
Contact GOG support. This is not the place for that. It should not be that broken.