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Hey all,

this is a recording of yesterday's live Twitch interview with LGM's Community Manager Zeno Zokalj... well - me.
So if you're interested check it out. :)

I talked about the beginnings of LGM, problems we encountered during SPG1 and SPG2 development, plans for the future...
I'll check this out, when I get home :)
Well done!

Eve Offline is a good description, it also sounds less twitchy than Freelancer.
Make that 66% over 30 ;)
Hehe, thank you. :)

Yeah, we have a mature community and that is the reason why we have so many useful ideas adn good community suggestions instead of raging on forums and trolling.

EvE Offline, yeah, we often heard that comparison, mostly because of third person view and similar graphics.