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First off, I'm running the game on Linux using Wine. It has behaved extremely well for the most part, long enough for me to reach rank 80 driving an ex-Imperial dreadnaught which may or may not have been taken as a prize by pirates on the high seas. If it matters, I'm running Secrets of Aethera, but I don't have Titans. Game version is 2.001.

But I've hit a problem when doing the main questline. One of the missions, "Revelation" (which happens right after you use the Starpoint and then come back), has you facing at least two waves of Nexus ships at an installation near the top-left of the map called the Lens. I can destroy the first wing just fine, but the game doesn't like me going any further than that.

The next wave, which consists of two frigates, a destroyer and a dreadnaught, has crashed the game every single time I've tried it. Sometimes I can blow up both frigates and the destroyer before it happens, but the last time I attempted it (the third try in a row), the game died right when the second frigate did.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you fix it?

For those that care about game internals (devs?), the stacktrace that Wine gives on the commandline says this:

=>0 0x00000000cbadec in physx3commonchecked_x64 (+0x13adec) (0x0000003dc5e658)
1 0x00000000ca5665 in physx3commonchecked_x64 (+0x125665) (0x0000003dc5e658)
2 0x00000000ca59bc in physx3commonchecked_x64 (+0x1259bc) (0000000000000000)
3 0x000000008c0a52 in physx3checked_x64 (+0x190a52) (0x0000000011e920)
4 0x000000008b4f41 in physx3checked_x64 (+0x184f41) (0x0000000011e920)
5 0x000000007b27c7 in physx3checked_x64 (+0x827c7) (0x0000000011e920)
6 0x0000014031739f in starpointgemini2 (+0x31739f) (0x0000000011e920)
7 0x0000014002f102 in starpointgemini2 (+0x2f102) (0x0000000011f150)
8 0x000001401b74b4 in starpointgemini2 (+0x1b74b4) (0x0000000011fa50)
9 0x000001403ceb8b in starpointgemini2 (+0x3ceb8b) (0000000000000000)
10 0x0000007b627e49 in kernel32 (+0x27e49) (0000000000000000)
11 0x0000017005dca8 in ntdll (+0x5dca8) (0000000000000000)
0x00000000cbadec physx3commonchecked_x64+0x13adec: movl (%r10,%rcx,8),%eax

The addresses for lines 0, 1 and 2 (but not the fact that it's calling physx3commonchecked_x64) vary between crashes, but everything past that is the same - so whatever function is causing the game to explode, it's something to do with the physics system and it's always from 0x31739f in the game's main executable and from 0x190a52 in physx3checked_x64.